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and the Shit Hits the Ceiling...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I've said from day one this administration IS CORRUPT.

They think they're above the law -- the constitution --, the rules of war (see Michael Walzer's "Just and Unjust Wars"). . . just so many things they have NO CARE for. All they care for is how the presidency is going to help their personal agenda. It all comes back to that. Some might say, "now how is illegal wiretapping of supposed 'terrorists' their 'personal agenda?" ... and as much as I'd like to offer an explanation here, I don't have the will/need to convince anyone here. It's so dam obvious and if our own country can't see it, then I suppose we should suffer the consequences.


anyway. A little overboard there, but this has been building ever since I heard a small blip about these allegations weeks ago ... and now we have federal court judges resigning .. because trust me .. the shit is going to hit the ceiling.

I think it's funny how Bush has been pleaing for allegiance these past couple of weeks (6 unusual speeches to the country) ... and it's always after the National news has done a large report on a new scandal that is going down.

Only a week ago the allegation was of potential international "jails" where acts of cruelty may be occurring and prisoners held illegally. NOW it's about illegal wiretappings/spying occurring against our OWN citizens in the name of "protection" from terrorists (it's funny how it's supposed to be used for terrorists and yet organizations such as Greenpeace are among those who have been spied on..)

Anyway. I can't wait to see how this pans out .. I hate to see it happen because it makes our country look ridiculous and not unified, but it's necessary .. I can't allow immoral activities to continue in the name of comfortable ignorance.