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Yearly Crash

Friday, November 18, 2005

.. of my laptop, that is.

Yep, I've learned to anticipate the yearly crash so well that I bring my old desktop with me to college. Unfortunately, I thought I could rely on my old monitor to work.. only to find out everything is working fine but I don't have a monitor... what luck... so I am stuck without a computer for who knows how long.

Apparently it is looking like the harddrove of my laptop has been wiped out because it does a loop on the startup process and does not load windows. Windows does not load in ANY mode. I am typing at work, atm, if there is any wonder how this post is happening. :P


Major spontaneous changes, as always. Turns out I did some last minute negotating with the university financial aid people, and they are letting me keep my proportion of scholarship in relation to how many units I am taking. I am still paying a significant amount of loans, but they have let me drop to part-time status since it is guaranteed that I will be graduating this upcoming spring. In other words, I am only taking 8 units now, paying less loans, and only have classes on monday. IN OTHER WORDS.. haha.. I have tuesday - sunday off.... which means I will most likely be looking for a full-time job, although I am tempted to make it the most fabulous semester of my life and just be lazy.... buuuut.... I wanna stay productive, so that likely won't be happening. It would be cool to take weekly trips and stay with other friends at different universities. lol.

Unfortunately this means piano lessons will be dropped. :( Not only were they going to be an extra expense on top of full-loans, but I realized it meant a committment to a lot of time practicing outside of the lessons... and I'm not that committed to it. I'd rather be making my own songs on the piano outside of lessons if I have extra time like that.


I got the classes I wanted. It was a mad rush, and panic for a while as I saw 2 classes I wanted close BEFORE I even got to register (and we're talking senior-status registration... meaning I was among the first people in the university to register.. and they STILL closed before I had a chance to enroll). I got the 2 I MUST have though, and not getting the other reassured myself that I should drop to part-time status.

I wish I was living off-campus now. I only need to be on-campus one day of the week, and otherwise I should be more central to business areas so that I have a good chance/driving access to a job. Traffic here is TERRIBLE! I had to go to a place in Santa Monica around 10:30 am and it took me nearly 1 and a half hours! It normally only takes half an hour.

I can't complain though. The weather here has been B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L lately. I need to not take this place for granted, and I *really* do. My mom is telling me to dress warm when I come home, and yet I'm in tanktops and flipflops almost every day here.. so nice. Time to start hitting the beach and enjoying the scenery/mountainous area more.