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Who's That Singer

Thursday, November 24, 2005

One last thing, before finally heading off to bed.

Liz Phair.

Every time I hear a song by her I find myself wondering, "who sings that?" .. because I instantly like the song... look it up, and it's Liz Phair again. It's a wonder why I never bother to check out any of her CDs. Maybe I'll work on changing that. There's always Christmas for those random gifts people want to get you. People are already asking me what I want.. and honestly, I kinda have everything I want right now... besides maybe a new car, lol, but that's not happening.. it already happened one Christmas and I'm betting that won't ever be happening again. My first big purchase after graduating will probably be a car, after loans are gone.

ANYWAY. Maybe it's an old song, but I recently heard it on the radio and liiiked it:

Liz Phair - Everything To Me