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Time to go Home

Monday, November 14, 2005

Spoke too soon. haha. so last weekend was fabulous w/ mah' guy friends. No such fabulousness this weekend. It was good to hang w/ them for an evening (w/ a few other good girl friends), but I was feeling down so I wasn't much fun.. and wasn't feeling like they were very fun either. heh. The night I hung out with them one of my roomies ended up going in an ambulance to the hospital. By the time I found out I was already with them, so there wasn't much I could do but worry. One of my roomies has a heart condition... and it was pretty serious... apparently her heart rate went up to 230... man..... freaked me out badly when she was at our apartment because there was nothing I could do, and my roommate was mostly doing everything she could, and I knew the best thing I could do was stay out of the way at the time. It reminded me a lot of my sister and her asthma attacks.. which have always really freaked me out. Anyway. Good news is by the time she reached the hospital she was stabalized and everything ended up ok.. but it was scary, and I was down the whole evening... not to mention I couldn't get back to my apartment because I didn't drive, and they decided to sleep over at a friend's house.... not in my original plan so I wasn't happy to be sleeping uncomfortably against my will.. but oh well.

Going home early this upcoming Sunday for Thanksgiving. Basically I'm skipping 3-4 days of classes and work :D ... haha.. oh well.. not the smartest thing to do.. but I'm pretty confident/safe in all of my classes, so I'm giving myself the freedom to play major hookie the week after this. I miss my familyyyy!! Seriously have been feeling a bit homesick these past couple of weeks, and I sure am ready to return home for a week. Hopefully I can catch up with friends too.

Originally I planned to go home this upcoming friday, but it turns out I have to go on a *retreat* with my "therapy" class (or so it feels).... I have no idea what this retreat is about.. but we basically are told to meet at a hotel and "dress comfortably because we'll be sitting and talking a lot." Hmmmm.

I wanna go home home home for a little while. Funny because it's only about 2 weeks (?) after Thanksgiving until Christmas break when I will be home for a long time... but.... whatever.. haha.. I can't wait until Christmas. I was almost deterred to not come home for Thanksgiving.. many tempting options: Vegas (again, but w/ different friends), a friend invited me to stay with her & family at some nice timeshare in Del Mar (?) ... buuut.. I think it's time I head home. yep. I need a haircut, and I sure as heck am not getting it cut in Malibu. lol. $200 vs. $20? .. hmm.. I'm thinkin' $20.

Anywho. Another monday... tomorrow... and then vacation time for a little bit :)