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That Fine Line

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The gift of accepting compliments, and accepting.. well.. gifts. I try to do it with grace, but it's always uncomfortable. Generally I try to resist accepting anything that is 'just let me buy it for you,' but sometimes people get offended when you won't accept.. or at least they sound offended like "why??".. and then I just have to politely say, "fine" and thank them afterwards. It's still a confusing and generally uncomfortable thing for me. I try to keep in mind that sometimes people have more money than me and can just spend it freely, or they are just more generous than I ever could be for a sporatic 'just because I want to'-gift.. it's hard to imagine living a life where money just doesn't really matter *that* much anymore. Maybe it does matter and I just have really gracious friends. lol. who are rich. So my friend randomly bought me this beautiful ornament (most expensive ornament I officially have). I can't get it out of my mind though.. like maybe I should give it back... but then that would be rude?

Ahhh whatever.

Anywayyyy. Not much is new. Registration is coming up and I am set to have an easy schedule next semester. To fulfill my required units for scholarship (12), I will be enrolling back in piano lessons. Hooray. I've been missing my piano. It'll be good to play when I go home for a little while. I'll have to brush up *a lot* over Christmas because it has been so long since I've even touched the piano (months). One of the best feelings is to go back to the piano after having not played for a while. It's truly magical and brilliant things can happen.