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Late Night

Thursday, November 24, 2005

blah.. Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I'm up late doing research on jobs. sucks man. Apparently people see me as the "calm/confident" one about these sort of things, but suddenly I'm feeling extremely worried about my future. Suddenly I'm thinking I made a mistake by not going to graduate school, heh, even though a lot of the jobs I'm looking at pay for you to go back to graduate school. I'm just really worried that I don't have the necessary qualifications to get the types of jobs I'm looking at, but then again.. I don't want to sell myself short. I *think* I can do several of the jobs I'm looking at... with proper introductory training I seem to learn pretty well on my own and am a self-starter... heh... but I'm scared they might look for basic/bottom-line/minimal qualifications that won't be apparent, and thus overlook my potential. Anyway. I just have to find a way to market myself better, because as of now I'm deeply dissatisfied with the format/content of my resume. I realize that the locations I'm looking at, that might even consider graduates, are naturally going to be highly competetive due to not only other Pepp* students, but highly qualified students from schools such as USC and UCLA. blah.

anyway. I'm thinking about crap too much and need to rest. It's hard because I'm determined to stay part-time in school, and that means I have to find a good job that is willing to give me mondays off... and give me benefits. hahaha.. so what.. I see no problem with reaching high, even if it seems unrealistic. Lots of things in my life have seemed unrealistic, but that didn't stop them from happening.

I believe in the beauty of my dreams, and thus the future belongs to me.