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Friday, November 11, 2005

(a great word, although a negative connotation :P)
One of my newfound *great* friends revealed that he has *issues* with Switchfoot. It hurt me to hear those words from him, but such is life. hehe. I helped him get a 97% on our last midterm, so he better learn to love Switchfoot if he plans on keeping me around. *kidding!* ... seriously though, I rocked the midterm and got a 99% (apparently the highest score in the class, although I wouldn't reveal it was me when the class went wild wondering who). I think I should teach/study with people at the last minute more often. Funny because one of my roomies received the 99% on the first midterm... but this time, 'twas me (she didn't do bad this 2nd time though.. considering she hardly studied at all, to my knowledge).
ANYWAY... so I'm basically rockin' in all of my classes. This might be by-far the most successful semester I've had simply because I'm at the top in every class. It's nice but making me lazy. I've been skipping classes. I've got good friends.. they'll take notes for me and I'll do decent on the finals. :P Except that I pay too much for tuition that I won't allow myself to skip too many classes .. even if the book & notes are sufficient.

It's so nice to have found a degree in which I excel. heh. I went through too much hardship and self-esteem issues with experimentation in other majors/minors. I got through them, but man... more often than not it was pure hell. lol... maybe that's why I'm doing well in psychology.... if I can get through that other crap, then I am *MORE* than able to get through psych. Computer science/Discrete Math.... not my niche. Business law, economics, accounting... interesting.. but not my niche.

Alright I'm out.