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The Home Stretch

Monday, November 07, 2005

SIGH-OF-RELIEF. Wow. So I'm done with midterms. I literally have nothing left this semester except a couple of quizzes and self-reflective papers to write (ea-sy). All of my major papers are completed, and all of my major midterms are *finally* done.

It's at this point that I can start realistically looking at what my grades will be at the end of this semester, and it's looking.... knock on wood?.... that they're going to be all As. ... hopefully finally bringing me up to a position of honors for graduation (turns out an A- I received last semester cut me short by *two hundreths* of a point in my overall gpa to receive honors).

Finals are still to be taken, but it's nice to know where you stand before going into finals... and I can confidently say that I now stand with pretty amazing As (*high*) going into the final. I know for a fact that I have the highest grade in two particular large lecture course, and am not far behind the top in my other courses.

My social psy. professor announced today that "one student got the first 100% on a midterm (2 midterms in the course) this semester." I was highly wishing that it was me, but NOPE.... I missed the *ONE* question that I was struggling between two answers during the exam.. bringing me to a 98% on the midterm.. haha.. which is still pretty awesome in my book.... and besides, even though that person got a 100%, the gradesheet reflected that I have the highest overall grade in the class.

Am I really this competetive? Dam I guess so.

Really, this feels great for numerous reasons..
1) Position to graduate w/ honors (cum laude)
2) I will have received As from almost every professor (+ outside professors at other universities) in the psyc. division -- increasing validity in my mind for my overall major GPA (4.0) as measuring competence in the overall field of psychology.
3) Position to take courses next semester that count as "CR/NC", thereby making next semester EASY/relaxing.. I already know my schedule for next semester, basically, and I won't be needing to wakeup before noon, and I won't be having class wed-fri. (5-day weekends??). Of course it's not like me to be a lazy bum, even though I could easily be next semester... so I plan on potentially finding a job/internship wed-sun to put me in a situation to easily transition from college.


Oh.. also... my dad must be feeling generous because yesterday I called to wish him a happy b-day, and he said that he's willing to "match dollar-for-dollar what you put toward paying off your loans" (this wasn't my idea, he just said it)...... .... .. uh... which technically means I already have what I need to pay off my loans.. BUT... I dunno if I'll hold him so much to that, because I feel kinda guilty if I'm capable of paying it off on my own... I mean.. I've travelled a lot.. my parents haven't really ever got to do that with each other because they're busy paying for my sister and I going to college.. plus saving for my brother, I assume. I feel ver grateful that they've helped me through college as much as they have, and I agreed to the loans when I accepted Pepp*'s offer.. I feel like I should take that responsibility. I dunno. hard to say. I don't feel like my dad would offer that unless they were very able to do that.. so maybe I give them less credit financially than I should... just like they gave me less credit for my financial capaibilities. Weird because I thought once they knew of my financial capabilities they'd feel less inclined to ever elp, and now that they know.. they (or at least my dad) *really* wants to help. I can just see my mom becoming furious w/ my dad as a result of this.. heh.. so for her sake I think I shouldn't accept my dad's generous offer. As much as mom has an overabundance in love and comfort, my dad has always been sooo giving. If it were up to my mom I wouldn't be at Pepp* (at least her initial feelings about it).. if it were up to my mom I wouldn't take lessons from the piano teacher that I did (expensive)... if it were up to my mom .... lol... she's cheap, but I love her... and no doubt my dad has encouraged me to reach for my highest dreams and always aids in making them a reality. He generally concerns himself with helping others before himself (evident by the strange friends he has). They're a great team. Alright then.