Sullen v.5



Good To Be Home

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

... freeeeezing COLD!

... movies with mom

... hangin' with my sister (and inevitably her b-f/sidekick)

... those dam banker guys (who surprisingly still remember me)

... slim shoppin'

... deadness (as far as vegetation goes)

... sleeping in

... medical exams (gotta do check-ups while I'm home.... speaking of which.. a new surprising update I realized today after a chat with Aar*... I CAN'T go part-time because I will immediately lose ALL BENEFITS .. medical.. car insurance, etc... and possibly have to start paying back my loans immediately! Why didn't I think of this! No one thought of it but Aar*.. I would've been royally screwed had I realized this too late. So... there is a good possibility that I will have to make some major change of plans. Unfortunately this change of plans will be difficult because I checked on registration status for classes and almost ALL .. for every major.. are CLOSED. FORTUNATELY... I registered in a random 'safety' class that sounded interesting and could aid in a boost to become full-time if need-be. I planned to drop this class, but now I may have no choice to take it... granted I will probably make sure I take it for CR/NC so I don't have to stress about it. ... and if this turns out to be the case, I will need another unit... so I will be signing up for piano lessons.

We'll see.

I know all of those things might not sound like the best things, haha, but I can't lie.. I kinda love it... just the weird quirks of my town that are pretty different from LA/Malibu.

It's nice to just be RELAXING too. Unfortunately I f-ed up an important quiz (only quizzes, no tests in the course) for a class because I studied the wrong reading. Guess that's what happens when I start getting lazy because I'm doing well.... but because I studied the wrong reading.. haha.. that means I pretty much have the upcoming quiz (directly after Thanksgiving) already covered because this NEXT quiz is for the reading I studied like crazy. Somehow I still pulled a 17/20 on the quiz (thank God I accurately read HALF of the required reading), and somehow my grade remained the same. This might mean I have to take the final/quiz afterall though... because only one quiz is dropped (which I was hoping I'd take a 0 on the final and have IT be the one that is dropped.. now I might need it to be the 17). ANYWAY. blah grades. I can't wait to be pretty much over it next semester.

Lots of people have been calling me about internships. I gave them my resume at our career fair and really didn't think much about it. Bunim/Murray (producers of the Real World and other shows) contacted me..... unfortunately I was lazy and never submitted the final application they asked me to do. Fox 20th Century has contacted me.... I called the lady back, but I doubt I could take an internship with them... unfortunately my family doesn't understand that FOX is NOT the same as the National Fox News. As my friend/producer informed me, Fox has many different aspects run by different managers.. and each manager has their own ideologies which might produce a biased perspective in their news. It makes sense because I remember watching the local California Fox news and wondering why the heck the show sounded so liberal all of a sudden when I was used to hearing it sound so Republican. Apparently the California station is very liberal. Anyway. My family told me if I took an internship with them it would be like "sleeping with the enemy.." which pisses me off, but whatever.. I really couldn't see myself working for them anyway because I *really* can't stand their national news. Some other places have contacted me, but I'm just not interested right now.. not sure why. I think they're looking more for interns, but I'm looking more for a job... so. And when I start getting serious about the job-thing, theeeen... we'll see.