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Because They're Superstars

Friday, November 04, 2005

It's so weird, here in Malibu, how you can feel completely "familiar" with random people walking around but have no clue how/why. It's not like an every-day feeling when I'm out, but it's happened several times and it's really odd. Like today I was driving to the supermarket, and someone was needing to cross... I stopped and was like, "hey I like her, I'll let her walk across before I keep driving.." ..caught myself and thought "wait I have no clue who she is but so familiar..." ... I had to thiiink about it.. how do I know that person?.... oh ok, yeah that was Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Many times I don't even recognize them at all. I was standing in line to get ice cream once, and apparently Ray Ramondo (sp?) from "Everybody loves Raymond" was standing right next to me.. only when we left did my friend point him out. Generally I never see anyone unless someone points them out, but every now and then it'll be like.. "hey I know them.." ... and then realize there's no reason I should know them, muchless feel any sort of pos/neg. inclination toward them. Just goes to show how much we (or maybe I?) feel like we *know* a celebrity just because we see them so much on tv/videos.
That's all.