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And Now I Go

Saturday, November 26, 2005

This past week has been really nice. It's been great relaxing at home and seeing old friends. It's amazing who you'll bump into in this fairly-(but not very)-large city. Surprisingly, several of the friends I didn't plan on contacting... I bumped into anyway. For some reason I didn't think Jo* would be in town, but then I distinctly heard her voice in one of the packed stores on black friday, I looked up... sure-enough.. Jo*. Also bumped into Ky* at the mall today.. that was pretty random. Made plans with Jo* to go out later that evening with a bunch of her friends, and one of my mutual good friends whom I had a falling-out with/major fight (Je*) over the summer. . so it was good that we all hung out last night, and even though I felt the tension was high between us at first... I eventually got over my pride and went to find her to talk. We talked a bit, and she informed me of some huge news... which I am not prohibited to talk about at this time, but later.... ;) ... lots of big news these days! Doesn't surprise me.... guess it's part of growing up with my 20-something friends. So.. yeah.. I feel like things are a lot better between us now.. I wasn't sure if we had unfinished business with our last fight, but it feels mostly forgotten about.. so I'm willing to move on. Also hung out for a good portion of the night with my friend Der* and his/my other friend. Der* was super generous and treated us to a wonderful dinner (appetizers and drinks) at Olive Garden - was sooo good!

Spending most of today with my familia. It's supposed to snow tonight. Hopefully it's all gone tomorrow morning when I head back to Cali.