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Study Break

Thursday, October 27, 2005

2nd round of midterms coming up. heh. I only read two chapters (which actually amounts to 4 hours of reading), and my head is pounding. :(
Heh. The chapters are long and tedious, but I like to get things right the first time . . so I go slooow when I'm reading to absorb every detail.

Lucky that I'm book/lecture-smarts, 'cause I seem to be pretty good at rockin' tests after reading. I embarass myself because I still put little faith in what I know when I get to the test, but then I normally come out with a perfect/good score. One class is particularly competetive because we get to SEE everyone's overall scores on a gradesheet with their "hidden identity names." My identity has been sifted out by the entire two back rows where I sit (whom I think are the top students in the class -- why does it seem like the top students always sit in the back??)
. . it's hard being number one in the class. . what can I say.
haha. soooo arrogant, man.. I swear I'm not this cocky 'irl'.. but I can't lie, when you're at Pepp* and number one in ANYTHING... even if for just one lousy class. . you can't help but feel awesome inside. heh. . because *everyone* you're trying to stay afloat with is the best, there's absolutely no room for messing up because there will never be a curved score to help you out. . SOMEONE will get the 100% and thus the professor will never take pity on those that can't make the grade. . because in their mind they obviously wrote a valid test if someone could pull a 100% but several others didn't come close.

Speaking of tests.. I took some random ones online. I love how I give 7 pages of responses and only get a little paragraph back. Generous.

Lin, you'll thrive in a corporate culture that allows you to be a Visionary

In your book, the future is now. You're motivated by being part of something new and exciting. And to reach those ends, you're willing to take some risks. You have personal expectations and want to ultimately make a difference in this world and your workplace. Work is not just a paycheck for you and it shows in how you care about what you do. You're a standup person and are committed to the success of any organization you work for — willing to accept responsibility squarely on your shoulders.

Lin, your most unique quality is that you're unusually Personable

You come to life when you're around others and are a real “people person.” You're also a natural leader and are able to maneuver difficult personal situations with ease and tact. You're on the ball, assertive, and have energy to carry out your best ideas. Not to mention the fact that people just enjoy being around you. Compared to others who are outgoing, you are unusually positive. Only 1.6% of all test takers have this unique combination of personality strengths.
- - - - -

Anyway.. back to the reading.. maybe.. I think my head seriously hurts too much right now.