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Sunday, October 30, 2005

I hope the entire Bush administration goes down with Libby's indictment. Of course this won't happen, but the whole situation infuriates me. This whole "side-thought" was days ago, but I didn't get to truly express my thoughts to anyone until tonight when I hung out with my 'liberal' girl friends (anyone liberal is far and few in between here at Pepp*), and then I just let my thoughts gooooo....
a) Cheney clearly tipped off Libby of this woman's status as a CIA agent
b) woman-CIA-agent (I'm not concerned with names here) is/was married to a man connected to the Bush administration who criticized Bush's claims that Iraq had any nuclear power that they were ready to use.
c) Libby tips of news reporters
d) news reporter goes to jail for 90 days until she confesses who tipped her off (Libbry)
e) Karl Rove (main strategist who reports to Bush) is highly suspected of involvement; however, he is not indicted. . . . . at least not YET (I hope he does, but chances are unlikely unless there is overwhelming evidence)
f) looks like Cheney is going to get off scott-free

Main point: The whole administration is corrupt and they thought they could get away with something "minor," like leaking this man's wife's identity to threaten other higher-ups with their power to damange anyone who criticizes or undermines their reason for being in Iraq -- supposedly to fight terrorism. It just goes to show how truly f***cked up their admin. is.

I am currently studying for my social psy. midterm, so my mind is racing with relevant concepts in how the Bush administration has used social psy. to their advantage. One particular concept being "Group Think." There are 8 symptoms to Group Think, and worth reflecting on how these might be relevant to Bush's administration and the reason for going to war.

The book I'm reading mostly draws connections of "Group Think" to the Vietnam War and the Bay of Pigs (two disastrous outcomes for the US). Throughout the entire section I kept wondering if they were going to bring up 9/11. I doubted it because it is a hot topic and the text wouldn't want to come across as biased. It was only in the last paragraph that it mentioned a certain sources believe that Group Think has occurred in the Bush administration in their decision to go to war. I sighed with relief that the text at least mentioned such a blatantly obvious example.

2000 US citizen fatalities (and counting) is too many. Not to mention all of the other lives that have been lost outside of the US.