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oh dear me.

Monday, October 03, 2005

TheFaceBook. A wonderful addicting idea that I got pulled into. At first, and generally, I did not think it was wonderful. . . until it became suddenly amazingly useful to figure out "future-husband's" "status" (dating-wise)... referring to a previous-fairly-recent-post. haha.. oh goodnes.. goodness-me. lol. ok. so despite my beliefs that this guy has to be engaged already.. or must have at least 4 gf's.. oh no.. he is single ladies!! But hands off, because I have my eyes on the prize! hahaha. Totally joking. I hope that's completely apparent. . because guys I *really* like?? I have this uncanny ability to a) avoid or b) fake-no-interest (???.. yeah.. I need lesson in the art of flirting-seriously). Man I am a pathetic stalker now! Dam you facebook for making people pathetic stalkers! *smiles bashfully*

Speaking of Facebook. Poking. What IS poking?? I have yet to define this. People tell me it's "open to interpretation". All I know is...
a) If I accept your invitation to be a friend, simply because I think I *might* know you .... but then it's dreadfully apparent that, no, indeed I have no frickin' clue who you are. . . . don't poke me. seriously. I don't understand exactly what it means... but just don't do it. I fear what I don't understand. End of story.

b) Poking brings up unresolved issues. If there are unresolved issues, don't do it. . especially when a huge rumor was started simply because "don't poke me" was overheard at one time (isn't it ironic). You know who you are, and no, things were never completely resolved. I'm still searching for resolve every time I see you.

c) Maybe poking is solely good for adding confusion to an already complex situation.

d) Overanalyzing poking.. really.. don't waste your time.

so uh. I have a midterm tomorrow. and somehow, having not really studied, I plan to do well... I think I'm gonna skip my first class and study my buuuuuutt off for the 2nd class.