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Sunday, October 02, 2005

man oh man. haha. ok. so I have nothing to say.

As expected, work/hw/assignments has hit a difficult level. Although it's hard to realize I'll get through this -- as I have always managed to somehow -- it all becomes easy in retrospection of my fall junior year. . . and then I went to DC to get the hell away from that semester. . and I couldn't have made a better choice. DC, so far, was my best decision in college. I tend to hang out with my DC friends more in my freetime now than I do with my other friends, and I think my other friends kind of hold it against me... because I seriously just have to pick my 'playtime' right now and buckle down for the rest, but it's nothing personal. One of my close friends whom I met in Italy, Cait*.. came by once to hangout with my DC friends and I.. lol.. and later she told me, "I can see how you'd want to hang out with them more than us . . they're like a bunch of other 'Rachael's" ... !! haha.. whatever that means! Cracked me up. I love Cait*, and my other It* friends, I do love them. My DC friends, however, they *all* "get" -me-.. and I gotta love them for that.. and I definitely can look to them as a group when I want to be in my comfort zone. .. except they looove to tell the same jokes about me over and over ... my other DC friend, Man*, she says it's all in love (mainly the guys who tell these jokes).. but man.. ok so I said some stupid things!.. I don't think *everybody* we meet wants to hear about it. Like a party we were at this fri. literally stopped for one guy to tell *the story* (one primarily that always comes up).. it was so embarassing. anyway. oh, and somehow I found the power to jump a gate. haha. that was the highlight of that party. we were all down at the jacuzzi having a good time when suddenly someone spotted the "Popo".. I really had no reason to run because I'm 21.. but then I realized we were technically trespassing in the pool area since it was after hours.. we were all scrambling to get out, but it was locked and the guy who needed to unlock it was pretty drunk and couldn't get his act together.. so everyone is acting like a bunch of gazelles trapped by a lion... I throw my heels over the gate... put one foot in the lock area, and pulllllll myself over (I think Da* assisted me somehow, but I'm not sure about that).. and then fall over the other side of the gate an run like heck back to the apartment. it was pretty intense, and I never thought I had that in me. lol... just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to it.
anyway, I'm out..
off to study like mad.