Sullen v.5




Monday, October 17, 2005

I love LIFE, and especially when people will join in it with me.

My equilibrium is reached when I gravitate toward the random. Spontaneous. Unpredictable? maybe.

Basically, send an idea my way that I like.. and I'll make it happen.

Perhaps this is also why I increasingly see myself working as a senior program coordinator. Give me a vision - or let me have my own - and I will find a way to make it a reality. This is something that keeps me excited. It's not necessarily my passion, but it's something that drives me.

So there's this surprise party this weekend for one of my best friends. Her friends contacted me and told me about this party, informing me that they want me to come.. and it really would be awesome to hangout with all of them again at *their* college which is definitely 'the college experience' (much diff. setting from things here at Pepp*). And Cola* would not be expecting me there at alll. Despite me thinking that no one at Pepp* would possibly want to do this random 8 hr. roadtrip, one of my first friends I contacted, Man*, is thrilled with the idea! Not only that, but her roomie (a newfound good friend of mine) wants to come along as well. Sounds like a super idea to me!

So I might be caravaning back to my homestate and back to Cali. this weekend! A total of 16 hours of driving within 3 days. What fun it would beeee...