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Saturday, October 15, 2005

This post is partly inspired by Jason’s recent post, “Fighting Fate,” although it has also been long overdue as it’s been on my mind a lot. I’m typing this very late at night too.. feeling pretty tired after a crazy long night of Pepp* tradition - “midnight madness” (or now dubbed “supermadness”- Pepp* wanted to avoid stepping on UCLA’s apparently-copyrighted-tradition of “midnight madness” ??? yeah I wasn’t aware you could copyright names for school tradition events).

Anyway. yawn.

So. . . the real world. . . basically very much on my mind these days. Looking at graduating in 5 months – 5 months that are going to fly by just like the first 2 ½ have so far. Everyone is preparing to take the GREs. . studying long hours for the exam ON TOP of already-packed school schedules. I don’t have the energy, nor the will. I usually like to leave my options open, and so it seems I should be preparing . . . but. . no. *shrug* why… well.. I don’t know… something just tells me not to bother.

I think I’m too arrogant and one of these days it’s going to kick me in the ass. Heh. I think mostly it comes out in this journal, but not (I hope) so much with people in person. I don’t think I would have many friends if I were. I just honestly believe *a lot* in my abilities and potential. So . . I’ve been doing a lot of online research regarding job opportunity that is out there right now . . and how likely/qualified I am to apply. The truth: not so qualified, technically. I show my friends the applications and they think they sound like great/fun jobs… only one problem… the “5+ experience necessary” … lots of that.. and I obviously don’t have any of that to the technical degree they might be suggesting they’re looking for… but I think I have the ability to prove I have enough experience/ambition/skills to pull off senior position. The funny thing is… NONE of the applications require a graduate degree (although it is “preferred”) and many having starting rates between 40k-200k.. which I would feel pretty good receiving coming straight out of college. heh. There’s one particular job that looks particularly *perfect* which happens to offer a starting salary between 90k-200k (the gap making me consider commission may be involved in some odd way).. and their requirements are not unreasonable according to my abilities.

How does this all relate back to the fighting fate post. Well.. I’m looking at this quotation that I cut out of a business magazine that I found on an airplane and posted above pictures of friends and family. It says, “Success is finding your calling and passion in life and pursuing it regardless of financial gain.”
Honestly.. the money just doesn’t matter that much in my eyes. As much as the previous paragraph focused on starting rate figures.. the point of that is to show that once I started pursuing positions that may truly interest me… the money just happened to follow. I have one primary focus right now: searching for a job that I can be happy with every day. I want to have a *fun* job that motivates me. It may sound unrealistic to some, but to me it’s not. I don’t see working as a way to just get by in life – to make money, go home.. and start the process all over day by day… only occasionally finding time to get out.. to maybe travel. I have to be sure that whatever job I have is helping me grow .. bringing me joy ... I don’t know how to put it .. but working as a means of *really* experiencing life every day. My job this summer really showed me how I can achieve that … and I know I have to strive more toward finding a position like that.

Anyway. blah. This post isn’t coming through the way I mean for it to… so.. just gonna wrap it up. I was talking with Cait* about interviewing… because I have confidence that once I get my foot in the door (via resume), it’s downhill from there with the start of an interview. Again, this is where arrogance is going to kick me in the butt…. but I can’t really recall any time that I have not got the results I wanted when I was interviewed (so many things). Cait* is worried about interviews, whereas I look forward to them. She asked how I know so much about the process.. what to do.. etc… in part, I think some of it is intuitive.. but my answer to her: practice. I have had soooo much practice with interviews that I know exactly what to prepare and expect. I know what other candidates don’t know. . and that gives me one step ahead of them in the interview process. As far as resumes go.. it may be common sense.. but a resume isn’t *so* easy to create and maintain because it must –always- be modified for the job you are applying for. My rule is to make the resume stand out for that –specific- job. Make the employer feel like the resume was created just for them. . not just another copy among a bunch of others that have been handed out to other employers. I dunno.. small things like that which others don’t take great care about noticing. First impressions/image.. huge.. obviously. Smiling.. huge. Laughter.. good. Preparing questions for employer about specific projects/aspects of job once interview is finished… good. Have a good knowledge about job position/company before the interview. Arrive on time. Eye contact. Take time to think before answering tricky questions – or say, “hm that’s a good question..” before jumping right in to answer. Show integrity.. responsibility.. interpersonal skills.. etc. etc. etc… anyway. When interview time comes around I usually feel pretty confident about the situation. And as soc. psyc. studies prove: evaluators tend to make more decisions on aspects of an interview more than qualifications. So basically, if you can get in for an interview.. you’ve got a good chance of getting the job if you know how to interview well. Another key thing I keep in mind… and also why I am preparing early to apply to jobs… I am interviewing the employer as much as they are interviewing me. At the same time they are trying to decide whether to accept me, I am deciding whether I would accept their acceptance. I plan to be in the position of being able to select whatever position I want.. and that only comes with early preparation to have many options available.
The primary job of interest right now requires “proven supervisory skills” (check), “proven success in sales” (check) undergrad. degree (soon to be checked), “experienced” (check)… numerous other things.. but I think I have a good shot.. and my resume could be strong enough to get me in for an interview.. I just don’t know if they’re right for me as much as I may be right for them. Ahhh so arrogant right. Heh. Honestly thoooough… really… whoever I work for is dam lucky because I am a good worker… point proven through everything I have ever done.. so if I don’t get the job after an interview, that’s good because they probably don’t need what I have to offer or underestimate my capabilities (such an external locus of control!). If I’m hired that means they believe in me.. and that’s the only type of person I’d want to work for anyway..

And it's somewhat comforting to know that I do have a job I can go back to, temporarily, for the summer. It doesn't pay as much as I'd like, but I enjoyed it.. and it's worth taking a pay cut to find that perfect job.


Well. I am thoroughly out.