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Ella Mar

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bummed when I can't find the lyrics/actual song to a great song I discover.

Particularly: Ella Mar - Falling Apart.

Apparently very unknown at the moment. But oh, he will be known.. very soon is my guess.

For all those soon-to-be-googlers-of-Ella-Mar.. here are the lyrics.. or what I can make out at least.

Ella Mar – Falling Apart
You are not here to blame
Because I’m lost
And falling apart
Nothing heals the same
And now I’ve got
A hole in my heart

I’ve been like this for days
And now it’s just me
And my old guitar

Marriages have been arranged
And now you
You just bleed
And speed up on the alter

People always told to stand in line
But it comes apart!
You fall apart
Heros ___ the clouds in the sky
It comes apart
We fall apart

You’re up on the blue screen
And now it’s so hard
To tell you apart
Let them feel your clown face
And ___ your brave mouth
To pray for the coward

People always told to stand in line

It comes apart
We? Fall apart
Heros bane and go? The clouds in the sky
It comes apart
We fall apart

(Pretty pianoooooooooooooooo!)

We carry on to the light tune
(large section of words I can’t understand due to the climax/background being too loud.. just can’t make out the words.. probably the best part of lyrics in the song too..)
Yeah yeah….

Another 'fun' song: Lucy Walsh - 21st Modern Lover. . her 'sound' isn't really what I'm drawn to at all though. By far am jazzed the most with the prospect of hearing more of Ella Mar in the future.