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craziness happens.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Last night was insanity. haha. I've never been to a party quite as crazy as the one last night with no alcohol involved. It makes me really happy that my friends and I can have a good time without needing alcohol, although I won't lie.. we also like to have fun where alcohol & hookah> (just recently the hookah addition) is around.. it's just not *necessary*. Despite planning on getting some serious studying done for my midterm on mon., I went to Man*'s place where they had the place *decked out* for Halloween. I knooow I'm so contradictory because I hate the holiday and yet will go to the parties.. but I would have hung out with these friends on fri. anyway, and it just so-happened that they were having a get-together where lots of food and costumes were available. I didn't come dressed up, but somehow they soon had me in a sexy pocahontas get-up that they had lying around. I can't lie.. I was diggin' the tomahawk. A friend of mine dressed up as a Z-bra (zebra).. basically a black bra with a white z on it, and white underneath everything.. hehe, so we made a good combo.. . some great pictures. I was surprised by so many people I didn't know just *pouring in* to this small little apartment, and later we found ourselves all crammed into a small room with a strobe light going crazy/dancing.. it was really fun. After everyone left it was just Man*, her roomies, two DC guys, and me... we all piled into one bed, took some pictures, and called it a night. I don't think the guys could complain considering there were two of them and five girls surrounding them. lol. fun times. Bad news is the I am beeeehind on studying.