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Sunday, October 16, 2005

My mother would be proud. haha. So.. I have finally taken up a bit of cooking.. all on my own. Sooo proud. lol.
I have a little bit of a reputation for not knowing how to cook. Moreso when I was younger.. I really had a tendency to mess *anything* up. I was teased by my (younger) sister relentlessly for not knowing how to make macaroni and chesse (the box kind) when I was babysitting. I kinda just gave up for a while.

Needless to say.. I don't have much of a healthy diet as a result of not cooking. I looove healthy foods though.. that's the paradox. When I eat out I have them pack on the vegetables.. or prefer something like Thai food (lots of vegetables) over some sort of burger/italian/anything else joint.

So I figured it's high time I start experimenting. There's not really a good Thai restaurant in Malibu (my staple source of food back home, lol).. so I went to the grocery store and bought things I know I love but don't generally attempt to cook myself.

Today I used a random mix of things I bought: carrots (looove), squash, red potatos, rice and a minor touch of chicken flavoring ... haha... .. yeah.. it was random and quite a process.

Point being I pulled off some sort of random concoction .. and it wasn't that bad!

This all just to say.. I am improving! Sometimes with the help of my friends who are willing to put up with me while I learn. The other day I asked my friend Man* to assist me while I made orange chicken with pasta.. again turned out well... heehee. She only freaked out once when I almost put the same fork I was using to powder the chicken back into the powder container (yeah.. ew.. I know).


This is all. :) haha.. I feel funny for being so proud over such minor things.. but this is really something important to me that I've been putting off too long.. and it makes me happy that I can start eating healthy things exactly the way *I* like them to taste. I think when I go home for Thanksigiving I'm gonna cook with my mother every day.. everything I wanna learn well.. stuffed jalapenos.. "Rachael's favorite dish/casserole" (literally called this.. even though I don't know how to cook it)... my mom is an a-ma-zing cook.. so yeah... there WILL be learning how to cook this year!