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Another Cooking Success Story

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tonight I cooked stuffed jalapenos!! Woo! Haha.. I am an amazing cook afterall. lol. I knew all I needed to do was to really get in there and try. I see so much potential in my cooking skills now! Soo... yeah.. it was definitely an 'art' process... a little chaotic... but SOMEHOW I managed to get the timing perfectly right on cooking the indian rice, boiling the jalapenos, cooking the beef, blending up the bread ... other things.. everything was hot and ready to go when I stuffed the jalapenos.. over was already preheated.. put 'em in for 10 minutes, and out pops my masterpiece! It only took 45 min., which is pretty dam good considering I don't cook and felt like I was doing a million things at once. I should host a cooking show! :P yeah right.

anyway. I am mighty proud.

Most hilarious part of the evening was when I called my friend, Se*, whom I haven't spoke to on the phone for a while.. but for some reason he was the first person who came to mind in my moment of desperation for a much-needed ingredient!

Se* - "hey..?"
Me - "Se*!! ... do you HAVE a can of tomatoes???"
Se* - ".... are you joking me??"
Me - "No, I really need some tomatoes!"
Se* - "Why would -I- have a can of tomatoes?? I HATE TOMATOES"
Me - CRACKING UP ..... .. "oh yeah! That's so funny.. I totally forgot, and you're the first person that came to mind ... I'm so sorry.."
Se* - laughing ".. it's ok."

It was too funny. I didn't greet him with "hey how are ya?"... or "what's up?" .. I just say to him in exasperation that I need a frickin' can of tomatos.. of all people... and I *knew* in DC how much he expressed his hatred for them.. how could I forget?

*still laughing about it* anyway.... that was all.

.. I ended up *ripping* fresh tomatoes with my bare hands and putting them in the rice at the last minute... "slice" tomatoes?.. slice my ass. I like my tomatoes in the rice _chunky_!! haha. anywho. I'm feeling crazy.. signing out.