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Unknown reasons for knowing.

Monday, September 26, 2005

What amazes me, in my social psyc. class, is the power of manipulational and the different tactics that can be/are used on a daily basis ... even moreso amazing ... is how I feel that I have somehow been 'gifted' with an inherent ability to recognize these tactics .. without ever having directly been made aware to them (like reading about them in my text book, for example). Some might say it's common sense, and that it appears to feel "inherent," but as studies have proven, and a demonstration on the first day of class proved: social psyc. is indeed not common sense. I could recognize my feeling as some sort of "false uniqueness attribution" (to use a social psyc. term), but I really think that, on a general level, I inherently understand the way society works moreso than most people (and one could also argue that this is a good example of the "better than average affect" :P). Anyway. This is all. It's just funny to read about this *now*, and be like... "yeah.. when I was in sales.. I knew exactly the power of 'such-and-such-phrase"... or that .. "I knew exactly that if I could get a person to agree to something smaller, they'd eventually agree to something larger (buying).. as long as I helped them come to the decision on their own terms and not be pushy about it.. because they have more value/confidence/responsibility in their decision if *they* make it" ..... really, I think some people just inherently pick up on these subtle things moreso than others.. it's why some people can do sales easily and others can't... and I tend to recognize how my attitudes affect my behavior *much more* than the general person, I think, because I have a high self-perception (/self-consciousness). As stated in the text, and common knowledge, when someone takes more time to become more self-aware, they are more inclined to recognize how their actions affect their attitude. Because of this, I don't feel coerced into much .. including my beliefs. I can think of several instances where social conformity presented itself and I decided to take the less than popular route: seemingly unpatriotic when I did not support the government *especially* after weapons of mass destruction were not found (the originaly reason for going to war.. but when ppl. realized they have been deceived, they didn't get angry.. they used good-ol "cognitive dissonance" to better their self-image.. and decided that the war was still worth being in due to 'humanitarian' reasons.. even though the original polls showed it was due to fear/allegations of weapons) -- not easy to do at a mostly-republican school. . not joining a sorority at school even though it seemed like the "socially acceptable" thing to do at the time.. I mean, you might not have a social life without it!.. haha.. anyway.. not to disrespect those who ARE in those things.. I just personally felt it was a societal/setting pressure and didn't want to give in to that (I'm sure others have good reasons for joining... ..) .. anyway.. I'm tired.. going to bed.

this week is going to be crazy.