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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

- whoever invented/brought the potato to America (the pilgrims? the Irish immigrants?... really I haven't a clue).. is truly a Godsend. I happily pay $6-$8 for a "loaded baked potato" in a restaurant sometimes, and I equally-happily eat one for dinner regularly. "What should I eat for dinner?"... "well.. nothing else sounds appealing right now, I think I'll have a baked potato." .. oh, and they're a nice buy when one (maybe $1?) can easily make me full.

- Sundays in Malibu remind me why I left Pepp* for a year and a half to study abroad at various locations... and why I kind of am feeling the need to leave again. It just isn't natural to be walking in a parking lot to starbucks and instead of smelling the richness of fresh air, you smell rich perume. It happens a lot on campus too. I think it's funny because our campus smells good, but generally that's not due to nature. It's all too much for me sometimes. So why am I seriously thinking about trying to get a job around here - southern cali. - for the future?

- Bumped into my good friend Mik* today. Was great to catch up, and *hopefully* he will take me to "THE SPOT" (in his words/emphasis) for hookah. I've been feeling slightly antisocial as a result of the EXTREME load of work I have on my back right now. "Slightly antisocial" really isn't that bad though, because it just means I get to have a fun time socializing with 1-2 groups of ppl. in a night for a little while instead of making an entire night set aside for socializing. It's tempting, the entire night route, especially when friends give you a guilt trip.. but I have to say no somewhere. :( ... My roommate jokingly said today, "It must be difficult being so popular.." .. I think I was complaining/worrying about options tonight, and of course I'm not *that popular*... it's just lately.. wow.. I literally cannot keep up with the requests to hangout. Most people understand, but I always feel bad. :/ Usually I'm the one to jump at those offers, but I just really can't do it all right now.. at all. blah I'm out. Midterm in a day and I am not prepared, as a result of those 1-2 hangouts tonight.
Do I have black circles under my eyes? *looks in the mirror* .. not yet. good.
I just keep telling myself it will all be over, termporarily, after next tuesday (funny because I keep pushing the day back the more I think of things due).