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random sleep-exhausted blurb.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

so I'm having a life identity crisis right now. just thought I should get that out.. because it's nearing 4 am and I'm just sitting in my bed unable to sleep.. thinking. thinking. thinking. a good friend told me over dinner tonight that I exaggerate a lot.. maybe he was joking because we were talking about self-esteem and we were trying to figure out my level (I have a paper due tomorrow on the topic)... and yeah... I don't know...I just feel very lost right now.. in all aspects of life. like something has spun out of control and it's resulting in me having no direction right now.. and how that's not healthy.. but maybe it's fine for my age...and who knows... I may just be exaggerating how "crisis"-ness I really feel about my identity and life right now. ugh.