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Just Can't Wait To Get Back On That Road Again

Monday, September 26, 2005

.... so I just had a catharsis... I'm totally supposed to go to Thailand this summer. I saw that Pepp* is offering an overseas opportunity to go there, and it said "call for more info." - *immediately* after reading I called them.. only to find out that the program won't start until spring of next year. So . . . . .

anyone care to go to Thailand with me this summer after graduation? I don't even care if it's specifically Thailand or not ... all I know is that I need to make it over to that region of the world next, and it has to be soon. So if no one goes with me ... I'm joining the Peace Corps and getting assiged to somewhere in that region. Hehe. Maybe not to that extent (although I can't say that I haven't been considering the Peace Corps a lot lately) .... Der* wanna go?? hehe. He's the only other person that I know of who might even be remotely interested .. I'm gonna ask around, but I seriously feel like I need to make this happen before I get into a career.