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It's True What They Say

Monday, September 05, 2005

What happens in Las Vegas really should stay in Vegas.

But I suppose the memory can live on.. only in this journal.. and between those who were there. Wow. The faith I bestow in this journal that the wrong ppl. aren't reading (I don't know who are the "wrong" people, but say.. my parents..for example).

Myself and friends had been planning to go to Vegas for some time; however, when it came right down to it I found myself doing most of the planning with no firm commitments. Finally I just gave up on the idea and figured we wouldn't go because I wasn't going to be the one organizing everything. Fortunately I have very sporatic friends and they booked the hotel on friday and decided to call me up an hour before leaving *that day* and inform me of this. It had been an extremely long day at classes/work when I was finally able to pack in 15 min. and be at their place.

Backing up: As far as classes go... at the -last minute-/-last chance- (fri: add/drop ended) I added and dropped classes I *never* thought I would add/drop. My good friend Je* convinced me to join in on some random psyc. class with him. lol. We were big time study buddies 1st sem. jnr.yr. and he is actually one of my favorite people to have in class. It's nice to have someone who takes getting an A pretty dam seriously.. and who can relate to my serious tension-issues during finals. Anyway. So I thought there was no-way I'd stay in the class because it just doesn't fit into my 'master plan'.. but hey.. there are a lot of other people in the class I like.. so I dropped an incredibly easy class for my minor (that had no final!) and added this other random moderately-difficult psyc. class.. making that only 5 credits needed to graduate next semester (and I have to take at least 12 a semester to receive my scholarship). soo yeah. I am now taking 17 credit hours and working 20+ hours between two jobs (lunch apptmt. this upcoming wed. to discuss my 2nd job).

And sha-bang.. hehe.. I received a research position in a laboratory with a professor who is very appropriate as my mentor in his field of expertise (at the absolute last minute on friday!). Apparently the laboratory is packed, and the number of people requesting research with him is ridiculous... but because I was ultra persistent I was 1 of 3 who were offered a spot in his lab. I will be working in his lab that focuses on neurotrauma. :) Woo.. I hope it is a good experience.. maybe I'll learn what I don't want to do (examining the brains of mice.. etc).. but I'm going to suck it up this semester and see what I can learn/enjoy.


Back to Vegas.

Drove in packed traffic (labor day weekend). My friend missed the 10 and so we spent an hour lost in LA trying to find our way back to the right highway. Finally arrived around 2 am. Tin* was exhausted (although we all really were).. but hey we had just arrived in Vegas and wanted to make the most of it!... so we (my other two friends and my friend's b/f who drove from Colorado w/ his friend to meet us)went out to the casino. I'm not a big gambler (I think I spent -and lost- maybe $15 total), but I don't mind watching others gamble/help them make wise decisions. ;D
So anyway. Nice because all the drinks are pretty much free too. Got back around 5 am and crashed.
Next day.. shopping..eating.... oh yeah... we randomly bump into a Pepp* friend's father at the casino who hooked us up with free passes to a $30.00-ticket buffet. We just saw this dealer at a table sitting and looking kind of lonely.. so we thought "let's talk to him"... we start chatting... next thing you know he says, "No kidding.. you go to Pepp?... maybe you know my daughter ____"... and she just happens to be a friend we all know well. Hehe. Random!

Shopping was ok. I'm not a big shopper so.. yeah.. it was ok. Fun to see all of the different stores. Back to dinner: We only had three tickets and 5 people (since two weren't with us when we were talking to him), sooo... we're debating in front of the entrance to the buffet what to do.... we're all kind of on a budget (college).. next thing you know these three older guys ask us "what's the hesitation??? Come with us - we'll treat you!!" .... of course I'm thinking "hell no.." .... but realizing Tin* had no will to pay the entrance and *we* still wanted to use our tickets.. we send her on in with the guys.... I'm thinking the entire thing is sketch.. but hey, it's vegas.. Tin* is crazy/chatty.. she can handle it.. except I'm always nervous about her. So luckily Tin* took one for the team and solved our budget dilemma. The only stipulation was that we had to eat dinner with them, and then were kind of stuck with them for a little while afterwards. They were super nice/polite.. not drunk.. but still sketch, of course. The way I saw it though, they worked in real estate.. and I know how those type of people operate... they seriously have a ton of money to play with and I don't necessarily see them extending generous offers as having an ulterior motive. It is sketch.. but they were clear about being married (all of them), lol, and I honestly think they just wanted company and to chat.
Honestly. The whole thing was sketch. Let's just be honest.
The more I think about it.. yeah, sketch.. and completely stupid of us... and it sounds even more stupid in writing.. but assessing the situation.. I don't know..I've always felt that I have good judgment about assessing people/situations, and it really just was not a concern at the time. The sketch part: They had one of the largest suites in the hotel and invited us to see it because "nobody believes us".. and the stupid thing is we actually went to see the suite. Not at one minute was being up there a bad situation though.. nothing sketchy.. just fun talk. My friend was asking me to pay her back for the hotel, and I went to get cash.. but this guy seriously just paid half of what I owed her for me! I didn't want het to accept it, but hey.. he seriously was insisting and had money to throw around.. crazy crazy crazy..... .. oh... and if it weren't for us going to the bathroom they wouldn't have won $1,000 off of 50 cents in a 5 cent machine. This guy seriously won the jackpot in 30 seconds on a random 5 cent machine. Wish I had that sort of luck.

So. yeah. that was crazy.

Same night. I call my friend Derek* because I realize he normally lives in Las Vegas, and although he was planning on moving back to Cali., apparently his plans fell through and he didn't. So I tell him to meet us .... he does... random random random! Never did I envision meeting him so sporatically like that.. so we literally met face-to-face for the first time after .. what.. 7 years? It was awkward at first, I mean.. it just really is.. I've never met someone before whom I've first met online.. much less been friends with for *so* long but never met personally. We took a walk over to the New York casino roller coaster ... man... thrilling but I hadn't been on a roller coaster in a while so it was pretty freaky. We went on it *again* because he insited we had to be in the front row for a totally different experience.. lol.. and it was 10x freakier/more fun! It was a very brief visit... my friends were calling me on my cell and telling me to get my butt back to our hotel because they wanted to go clubbing... so we rushed back, said goodbye.. and that was that! The whole thing was entirely surreal and I'm still trying to come to some sort of realization in my mind that it really did happen and I wasn't just dreaming.

Already was feeling pretty wiped out... but my friends were already dressed up and ready to leave.. so I had to get ready to head out to this club in 10 min (gross). We were given VIP passes, but they only worked under the terms that we get there before midnight. We basically hall a** to this club.. practically running in heels near the 11:50 pm mark... sweating and all sick... haha.. ew it was so gross.. but I was determined to make it before midnight so that my friends wouldn't give me a huge guilt trip. Luckily they were cooperative and power-walked/ran with me.

Unfortunately the only thing the VIP passes ended up being good for was getting into the club and not having to wait in the massive line (or maybe that was just because we were a group of ladies)... because otherwise the passes were invalid for that particular night. It was sooo packed. I was literally wedged between people and could hardly move.. but.. we managed.. and later the club seemed to become more spacious somehow. It was pretty cool. Super sheiky. My friend's b/f was denied entrance because he was wearing white tennishoes (but really probably should have known not to wear that). Tin* is a lightwt. so I was really worried about her.. and my other friend kept leaving the club to go to the bathroom/drink outside of the club because it was really really expensive. Suddenly Tin* is dancing with God-knows-how many guys around her.. my other friend comes back and says she is being followed by a stalker-gross-guy... haha. it was actually pretty funny. Tin* takes total advantage of the stalker and has him buy drinks... I don't want any part of it... so I'm kinda on the sidelines... having a good time but kind of just on my own at one point when Tin* has herself surrounded.. I turn around to *breathe*, and bam there's this guy there who I kind of just smiled at with a look like "wow this is crazy".. haha.. it was kind of funny because he read me right off the bat and leaned over to say, "you look so overwhelemed!.. come on let's dance, have fun!" ... I couldn't lie because in-fact I was feeling really concerned about Tin*... then he starts psychoanalyzing me like, "you're conservative.. but you can really dance, which makes me think you have a little bit of a wild side too"... honestly? That's accurate. I mean. Obviously not some in-depth sort of thing.. but it caught me as kinda cute.. and -he- was pretty cute.. haha. oh I have a thing for the asians. the asian sensation. Funny because my asian friend, Tin*, I've noticed she has a thing for "white" guys (as they have a thing for her). weird how it works out like that. So he pulled me aside and asked if I would be ok with stepping out to get a drink.. seemed nice enough, and I did want to get out of there, so I just went with it. Ended up chatting by the bar outside of the club.. had fun later wasting money on the slots.. later went to a club right next door to the one we were in previously that he thought was "more my style".. and it was.. more laid-back/fun/roomy.. ladeda.. and this is where I end this story. Later found my friends... one missing.. one pissed because I was missing for most of the night until 4 am.. I don't know how my other friend was completely MIA since my other friend claimed she was there the whole night. I dunno. I really didn't plan on meeting a guy at the club.. but he kinda just showed up when my other friends started to do their own thing.. and I was thankful to have someone interesting/funny to pass the time with.. so.. I probably shouldn't have been gone that long, but I figured they were having fun doing their own thing. Main priority after meeting back with my friend was to find Tin* ... she was no longer at the club.. which worried us.. but what could we do? .. we left back for the hotel.. later she called and Ren* went to get her. I was too tired to go and immediately fell asleep after laying my head on the pillow.

Next day (sun).. looked around more shops.. I really wanted to leave for home asap... the weather was nice, but very very hot... and I wasn't feeling so good from lack of sleep/bad eating/drinking. Finally drove home after checking out the Wynn and The Palms.. got in laaaaate..

and here I am rambling. so sleepy.. tomorrow will be catching up on lots of reading/hwk/sleep/exercise/a general healthy lifestyle.

Vegas was a lot of fun. Very very sporatic.. you never know what's going to happen... but I found it thrilling for the most part. Unfortunately I arrived home later tonight to see a message from my good friend Cola* saying that she had "decided at the last minute to come visit me in Cali." afterall.. but she saw that I had sporatically left to Vegas (I originally thought I wasn't going to go..) .. so she didn't come. :/ Oh well... hopefully she will come out later and we will have a fabulous time. :) I definitely plan to go to Vegas again sometime, but I can only handle so much of that place. I need a vacation from Vegas, so I'm thankful to have this monday off to be at home and relax/catch up on stuff. I also caught a cold on the way to Vegas (I'm convinced Tin* gave it to me) and it still hasn't gone away. :( Oh well..

this is alllllllllllllllllll.