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5 Adjectives

Monday, September 19, 2005

The most recent paper topic that I have to write for a certain class, which involves a lot of personal reflection, is about "5 adjectives that your friends and family would use to describe you, and 5 adjectives you would use to describe yourself. Why might your adjectives be similar/different to theirs, and what does this suggest about your locus of control?"

The research involved for this paper was interesting because how often does a person get to hear what their friends and family think about them? You would hope they see admirable things in you, but do we ever really know what those things are? It's not really *that* important to know, I suppose, but I personally think it's interesting to hear what people's impressions are of my character.. I know my *own* impression, but that doesn't necessarily mean people perceive me like I think they do.

At any rate, I asked them to be honest, and acquired 3 sets of 5 adjectives... 4 sets including my own. And took a test that suggests my locus of control is highly internal (and makes complete sense when I read about people's characteristics when they have a high internal locus of control -- liking games that require skill..resisting medicine to cure illness.. asking doctors a lot of questions when they are getting checked for something..etc).

Cait*'s Answers:
"Corky (lively/buoyant) - "that’s the first thing that came to my mind.."; generous; fun-loving; spontaneous; smart… 'neurotic is a good one'" (after I playfully suggested, 'maybe neurotic?'.. since last week I wrote a paper on my 'neurotic needs' and decided I am highly neurotic :P).

Ash*'s Answers (roomie):
"Compassionate, Loyal, Inclusive, Independent, Forgiving"

Parent's Answers (mostly my father since my mother said she didn't think it was 'fair' for her to say??..yeah I don't know.. lol..)
"loving; deep; serious; sincere; dynamic/'do everything w/ gusto'"

My own pickins':
"respected; goofy; indecisive; ambitious; reflective"

Time to get on writing that paper! Interesting because people's perceptions kinda seem all over the place.. then again.. they're only 3 perspectives.. but then again, from people who know me very well.