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Updates of Sorts

Sunday, August 21, 2005

In less than 24 hours I will be returning to Malibu, CA for my last year of college.

Do I have *anything* packed in my car yet? Nope.

I had planned to originally leave for California today (Sunday), but talked to Rya* and asked if we could leave on monday instead since I am supposed to have two soccer games today and a barbecue later. After coming to my town to visit and then leaving back for the city his parents recently moved to (not so far away), he called me back later and said monday would be fine.

I guess it was never meant to be for me to play my final soccer game because I severely strained my hamstring today during the first 2 minutes of the game. I was really upset because I was *psyched* to really play hard this last game - scored 2 points in the game last Sunday - but then my left leg had to get this strain and made it impossible for me to run. After sitting out for 10 minutes, hoping the pain would go away, I decided to go back into the game even though pain was throbbing throughout my entire leg. I played as well as I could for the remaining time, but felt pretty useless overall as I play forward and am known for being a quick manover-er/runner. It's weird how something can get strained like that and you don't realize how much you take it for granted until you absolutely cannot use it. Instead I mainly passed to other people and would set myself up to kick it in the goal (right leg being fine). . but man. . what a waste of energy today.
I won't be playing the second game today afterall. :/

Now I'm scared about driving to Cali. tomorrow since my car is a stick-shift and my left leg hurts bending back and forth to push the pedal for the stick to work. Blah.

Trying to rest.. but I really can't rest too much since I have a *lot* of stuff to fit into my car by tonight.

Other than this recent injury.. things have been ok. Hung out with Derek and friends the other night, which was pretty fun. We ended up deciding to play monopoloy at like midnight - which ended up being a baaaaaad idea. lol. It was only at 5 am that we finally called it a game (still hadn't ended though), because we were all practically holding our eyes open. Derek and I are both super competetive too (although I think Derek is more), haha, and the growing tension was getting a little heavy in the room. "Pay your taxes!!" "You can't buy houses AFTER your roll!!" "Give me rent money!" "Screw your 'negotiating'!" "You can't make contracts with other plays without vocalizing it to the ENTIRE group!" .. lol.. I've decided that game is seriously a bad idea to play with friends.. you can't help but feel your FRIENDS are trying to screw you over.. it like brings out the nasty/greedy side in everybody.

Alright. This is all. . . going to pack..