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Promo for Duncan Sheik, My love. haha.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Plans to add Duncan Sheik's blog to my I-spy list (long overdue).

Posting a recent post of *his* (below) from his blog that I really enjoyed reading, because it just backed up everything I *love* about his entire attitude in making the music that manages to reach down and really touch my soul every time (as cheezy as that may sound, so true.) I love reading all of the comments his fans post to his blog as well. Again, cheezy, but I almost feel proud to be a part of such a collectively *bright* group of people who obsessively follow his music. :P It doesn't surprise me that the people who post comments to his blog have interesting thoughts and such heartfelt words. IOW: It's not like a Britney Spears fan-board where you'd see:
"OMG I LOVE YOU!!!! YOUR SONG TOTALLY REMINDS ME OF MY EX-EX-BF AND EvErYtHing we've gone through - I love you Bobby!!" ... haha.. not to say all Britney Spears fans are like that, but I'm just saying the type of audience she draws.. it wouldn't be surprising to find that.

This is a shortened version of his post - the entire post found at this link):

Duncan Sheik:
"In fact, the further I move away from “likable” pop music, the happier I am with what I’m doing. I think Rick Moody (Author of “The Ice Storm”) said it best in an article he wrote recently railing against teachers he had in college who wanted his characters to be more sympathetic. He wrote - “to me, likability has always been the hobgoblin of simple minds.”
And maybe that’s the real point - now that I’m finally clear in my own mind about what’s important to me musically, and I’m not so worried about pleasing all the people all the time, I’m able to focus more on those qualities that inspire me. And to leave behind those that don’t.
. . .
If I look back on all the music that has ever been important to me, it has always evoked emotions that are nuanced and mysterious, perhaps a bit on the somber side but never completely dark or light.
. . .
I believe music has the potential to do some very profound things to people emotionally, spiritually and even ideologically. And the artists I respect all aspire to have that kind of profound effect on their listeners. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, I do too. But I’ll probably never succeed in having that kind of effect without running the risk of alienating certain people. So there it is …"

And a few of the comments that I liked, which I probably could have posted had these people not:

(The first comment probably being the cheeziest/Britney-Spears-fan of all the 101 comments, but I still liked it because of her passion (!) in trying to express her thoughts.. which I find pretty hard to do myself when it comes to his music)

1. "1. Duncan, there are not enough words to describe what your music has done to/for me…or to explain the feelings it evokes in me…or maybe the words don’t even exist…it’s just an incredible FEELING. I’ll try though…
When I first found your music a few years back, I was lost in it for months. I couldn’t listen to anything else. It was like this “thing” that had been missing in my life…and it felt SO good to finally find it. No other music had ever felt so right…and I was obsessed. :) Sometimes listening to your music…I can only think to describe it like this…it’s like spiritual orgasms for me(yes, I know that sounds weird but I know of no other way to describe the feeling). And no matter when or where I listen to it, it always feels right.
There is no other music that affects me the way yours does, and I relate to it like no other. It’s like a form of meditation for me…It heals me, calms me, comforts me, sooths me, inspires me, and transports me when I need to be transported. I’m grateful that you remain yourself…through it all. I’m sure there are many pressures tugging at you to be otherwise. I hope hope HOPE that you don’t ever change…I NEED your music just the way it has been and is…but obviously I don’t need to say this because you’ve made it clear with this post that you won’t be changing for anyone.
You’re the coolest Duncan. And the fact that you care enough to share these thoughts with us, makes you even cooler. It’s so refreshing to see someone who is passionate about what they do…rather than just going through the motions for all the wrong reasons…unfortunately, there’s not enough of that in this world anymore.
*hugs to you*… for being you.
Laura "

2."Duncan, it pains me that you even need to explain yourself regarding a post. I personally, and I know I speak for a lot of your fans, love you because of your commitment to your truth in who you are and how that reflects in your music. Your music moves me unlike any other artist. And while I like many artists and many different kinds of music I always come back to you as my favorite singer/songwriter. Focus on the people who get you musically and nevermind the rest…we’re the ones who will be behind you every step of the way. Keep doing what you’re doing ‘cause it’s powerful stuff. "

3. "Your lyrics are so beautiful and poetic. There is so much beauty in the melancholy and sadness. Your lyrics are also socially aware, insightful, and at times ironic.
Your music that is somber and filled with angst touches me the most. I can’t quite “feel” you in the more upbeat songs like “On A High.” As an artist you have to express what moves you……..then it’s soulful, spiritual, and inspiring.
You have an amazing resonant voice, are a gifted musician that plays with great feel, and you’re truly a talented poet."

So anyway.

I guess I just love when he gets the recognition he deserves, especially when he announces that he's not going to try to accomodate anyone else's musical preference except for his own . . . it's so easy to sell out these days, and I love that he strives to speak his mind in a way true to himself which has always come across as really profound to me.

To each their own, but his music has never failed to "heal, calm, comfort, sooth, inspire, and transport me when I need to be transported" (to express it in a shortened version of Laura's words).

Current Favorite Song of his that I discovered as a result of being a member on his site:

Lost On The Moon

(looks like I'm going to have to add the lyrics myself to because I cannot find them *anywhere* online .. argh).