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The Last First Day

Monday, August 29, 2005

Today is officially the last first-day-of-the-school-year (unless I go to Grad. school, but the chances of that right now are unlikely).

Honestly, I can't say there's anything I'm incredibly excited about this year.

It's good to be back... and good to be 21 so I can take advantage of more that wonderful Southern Cali. has to offer (concerts, clubs, etc.), but it's not *that* new and I'm already confused as to where my -place- is here. I have many wonderful friends, but I've been gone in DC/Italy at various pts. in time and I feel a bit out of the loop. Of course I still have those DC/Italy friends, but they also fall back to their clicks of 'favorites.' Tin*, Cait*.. several others.. I definitely have my 'favorites' too... but I dunno... for some reason it just seems harder to have a good balance of fun and work with friends in this atmosphere.

There was a barbecue for our aptmt. complex last night and I saw many people.. one being Da*. Actually really good to see him, and it felt nice to feel like we're on good terms, but there's still some awkwardness in knowing our friendship in DC and the falling-out that occurred (which *the event* actually came up in conversation last night.. but I'm over it for the most part). Might hang out tonight.. he asked what my plans were and I told him to just call.. we'll see, I'm not waiting for a call though. *shrug* It -was- very good to see him.. and I'd actually like to hang out this year, although him and I both definitely have our separate 'crowds'.. but I think we should share friends. :P Hum. I don't know. It's a frustrating situation, regardless, because I see him and feel drawn to his quirky characteristics.. and just a really weird sense of mutual understanding... like if I said nothing, or he said nothing, we'd still both know what each other were thinking. ANYWAY. blah. blah blah blah. I really do not like thinking, much less typing about this. BASTA. It's just sad how screwed up in my mind I am about him as a result of one stupid thing. You THINK someone is your great friend, and then suddenly.. BAM.. they hit you with the unexpected which makes you re-evaluate EVERYTHING (which has happened a couple of times to me with various "friends"). Maybe my expectations are too high, but I think some things are common sense.

There's really not much to talk about right now. My favorite Florentine girl friends helped me move into my apartment which was a *disastor* last night. My roommate and I were freaked out because we had NO idea how to arrange our room with little space... they came to our rescue and totally surprised me by doing EVERYTHING while I was away at the barbecue. So awesome of them!! Lots of fun catching up too. :)
At least two close friends have become engaged and/or married over the summer - go figure.

I was in the process of doing a class-overhaul to my schedule. But you know what. I'm so burnt out with trying to figure out all that crap.. .while I would love to be in certain classes and drop others... screw it... too much hassle. Still working on a few things though.

One of my jobs already starts TONIGHT... oh... 4:30-midnight???? .. yeah they gave me the schedule TODAY... so that's definitely NOT going to work, at least not tonight. Heh. I'll show for a little.. but there are a few get-togethers that I'd like to go to tonight.. sooo we'll see.