Sullen v.5



Good Times.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

.. getting lost in California around 4:45 pm (hopefully it was only temporary dyslexia: driving onto the 110 when I'm supposed to take the 101).
Fortunately Rya* and I were able to find our way back to the 101 after I pulled over and asked him why we were in a residential area. :P
His response: "Hun.. weren't we supposed to stay on the 210 until it became the *1-0-1*?" woops. Good thing Rya* was with me, and followed me, because God knows I was so-lost for a while.

.. finally arriving on the 101 at exactly 5 pm.
Oh the joy of Rush-Hour in LA. Crazy driving, but I can handle it.

And now I'm back on campus, set-up camp/home for the next (and final?) 7 mo.

Fortunately my roommate was here to greet me, and my *other* roommate's b/f was here too (although my other roommate was not here).. they both helped me move my stuff in which I *really* appreciated because it made the process sooo much faster/easier for me.
Met my other roommate later.. we all went out to dinner and she drove w/ me, so we had a long chat and discovered we are very similar in values/beliefs.. etc.. which is really nice.. and she seems super cool.. I think we'll really get along well.

Still have yet to meet the 4th roomie of the place.

... ok so I'm watching some news channel... and I really, for the life of me, cannot understand how Bush religiously gets away with saying "FOLKS". HONESTLY! Call them "people," please... but the "folks of the Gaza strip"???... ugh!!!!

Oh.. And now he just said "Feller..." ... "The fella.." man. He's talking about a huge figurehead, and he regards them as "fella"... nice.. really nice. That's my president, yep.

Ok. Random vent over.

What-else. . .

overheard one of my roommate's friends say "Ash* (my roomie), I just don't know if I can take this again... the small-talk... the superficiality of it all."

And I couldn't help but think the same. Back on Pepp*'s campus.. and it really is a place that sometimes can get me down... how jaded people are by the immense amount of wealth here. Then again, with the bad there is the good.. and I'm really going to focus on having a good year.

Tin* and some other friends of mine are going to hang-out toinght.. see a couple of movies... "The 40-year old virgin" and "Red Eye".. and if Tin's ultimate-plan hashes out, we will also see the 2nd "Deuce Bigalow" (not something I'm dying to see though). That's what I looove about Tin*.. she's a hard worker, for sure, but when she "plays".. she goes all out. Kinda how I am. . up for anything if I have time. 3 movies in one night? Why not? Haha. Her b-day is also coming up this Sat., and it'll be nice to see a lot of our mutual friends and have a good time at the club/restaurant before school starts on monday.

Plans to also hang with Aar*.. apparently he's planned some concerts for us to go to.

Going to visit Mik* in a little.. catch up.

Man.. I really need to get a job A-SAP.. before I go broke after only a week. haha. Too much to do in LA and no school!