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worried sick.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Only one and a half more weeks of work.. I think I can make it. Surviving this last week and a half is my only concern right now -- I'm not even thinking/excited about going to Costa Rica at the moment. Honestly I don't even want to go into the office now. Maybe I can start using comptime for all of the time I'll miss in the office that I usually do after working with my crew during the day. I've created this mess, and I really shouldn't run from it .. but I just don't know how I'm going to deal this monday (or any following day for that matter). My good friend tells me I could try to "just act normal".. which I'm confident I can do.. but there are two people involved in this problem, and a whole bunch of others that I *desperately* don't want anything leaked to - or have any questioning (and I'm almost positive they will).. which means I'd have to have an awkard talk w/ someone - which I've already decided is not going to happen.... .. . man I never thought I could have so much stress from this.. I feel sick every time I think of my situation (which has been this entire weekend). I've been sleeping a lot this weekend ... I figure it can't be bad for me, but I still wake up to a bad reality.

My good friend, whom I talked to, says it isn't *such* a bad thing, but it is for this particular situation. There are definite good things about it, but sad that those good things have led to not-such-a-good thing.. in my honest gut opinion.