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weird little battles

Monday, July 18, 2005

I've been getting in a lot of weird little battles lately.

1) E-bay battle. . . over an eyelash curler! Yeah. It's amazing how many people want this particular eyelash curler (Shu Uemura - worth every penny for someone who doesn't like to wear a lot of makeup but understands a nice-lasting curl to an eyelash is a good touch to a natural look). Ever since I've lost mine, I've been waiting weeks to purchase a new one due to its hefty cost (an $18.00 product that I'd otherwise pay no more than $4.00 for a different brand), and because it cannot be found in my city.
I thought I was going to get a screaming deal on a sniped e-bay purchase, only I sniped too soon! Another sniper came swooping in and raised my bid by $2.00 - I still got a good deal because I was lucky enough to snipe early enough with my highest bid.. in the meantime this other sniper was trying to beat my bid but didn't have enough time when it came down to the final seconds (they apparently don't realize the importance of bidding with your *absolute highest* bid in the final seconds.. because they tried to outbid me several times by little amounts).

My e-bay sniping philosophy: wait until the last minute to purchase, and when you *do* bid.. make sure it's your absolute -highest- bid that you're willing to go.

E-bay won't automatically go to your highest bid unless someone pushes it that high, and if it's the absolute highest amount that you'd be willing to pay anyway - why worry if someone does outbid you?

The only reason to bid at the last moment is to keep the price down.. not to win (well, ok, also to win).. because if you have already made up in your mind *the absolute highest* you're willing to spend.. e-bay takes care of the rest.

2) Banker chick battle. So the nice thing about speaking with a banker guy, whether in person or on the phone, is that you get your way *a lot* quicker and easier. It's like, "oh ok I totally understand what you're saying - let me refund you that.." ... with Banker-chick it's an ensuing battle of who has the right logic.
Luckily I had the right logic, when I eventually told her, "Look.. I don't know what policies I didn't abide to.. or what I needed to maintain to not get this maintenance fee.. but I never would have got this maintenance fee in the first place had I not been told to leave my account open, when I was trying to close it, while a fraudulent dispute was settled... I'm young... looking to invest.. and if you ever want my business in the future.. you'll credit $6.00 for the maintenance fee you took! ... This dam* maintenance fee has happened *twice* now, both being illegitimate... check the record... twice is was credited back! Never before has it been a problem to give the money back..."

Which upon she finally realized $6.00 was not worth fighting about - plus, the customer is always right when it comes to $6.00 and the customer is just getting out of college.

3) Crew members. They've been getting pretty feisty lately and pissing me off really bad (one of my higher-uppers today asked if I used the words "I'm pissed" to a kid, because she heard me say that when I was retelling the story... and I replied, "Yeah - I did." And she nodded and said, "Hm." She'll probably snitch to my supervisor, but whatever, my supervisor would be proud, honestly. That's what I love about my supervisor, she understands that sometimes that type of assertive-authority is just-necessary. They practically vandalized a pole today with paint, and I was pissed. It was kind of cute because one of my kids said to me in a hallway, as he was walking out after washing his paint brush, "... Attitude can play a large part in effecting the overall group mood.."
Funny because he was repeating my own "words of wisdom" (not really, common sense) that I told one of my kids who was always griping about the work.. and I told him how important a positive attitude was to keep the group up...
but I replied, "Well you know what.. I'm Pissed.. And I hope everyone realizes it right now."

No one would fess up to the "vandalization" (paint handprints) all over the light pole.

Since no one would fess up, we spent the afternoon scraping off every bit of that inappropriate paint.


I don't know, sometimes I come off as very aggressive I guess in my attitude. I'm the type of person where I mean what I say, I'm pissed, I'll let you know.. and then I get over it and am totally ready to move on.

Honestly I think people need to be more assertive to get what they want sometimes.

If a banker if screwing you over.. you just tell them how-it-is.. "I don't care about 'the rules'.. I know it's not a big deal for you to just give me the money back due to some stupid misunderstandings.." .. if kids act up... I'm going to let them know I'm very angry, don't let it happen again or I'll *really* be angry... and move on. Or like in a hookah bar when no one will stand up to the Indian man screwing us over $100.00+ for a lousy meal... who ends up standing up to the man in front of 10 other friends who won't?.. oh.. me.
It's not like I'm always out looking to be assertive.. but just please don't mess with my intelligence, it's kind of insulting, and I'm not likely to back down if I *know* someone is in the wrong.. otherwise... I'm usually very open.. but luckily money-matters are pretty black and white.