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this weekend blew.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I wanted to spend my weekend at home this week. It was for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I won't be seeing my mom for a while and I wanted to spend some time with her (since the rest of my family went on vacation to La Jolla, San Diego - and my mom will be joining them shortly, but I can't go due to work), and it's also my last weekend at home for a while since I will be leaving to Costa Rica this next weekend. I also have some MAJOR projects I need to finish by monday for work that I planned to do over the weekend.

UGH. My friends, who I love to hang out with, TOTALLY guilt-trip my into going to Phoenix with them - telling me it was MY plan to begin with (no I said *definitely* NEXT weekend, and *maybe* the week before), and a whole slew of other things. All they wanted to do was get trashed and I'm OVER THAT right now. So on Friday I'm running late from work (8 am - 6 pm no-break-day when I was supposed to leave at 1:30 pm), I get back from work.. EXHAUSTED... and my friends are at MY PLACE waiting for me. I get home.. I tell them repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly the reasons why I can't go.. they won't have it.. they pack my bag for me.. going through my stuff.. an HOUR goes by where they're just arguing with me.. and so I finally say.. "ok.. well.. it looks like you guys aren't going to leave unless I go... ... .. I guess.. I'm going.." ... I mean, I love them to death to work so hard to get me to go(although I'm pissed right now), but really.. why would they want to take someone who doesn't want to go????? If I were them I'd totally be like, "well, your loss.." and go on without the friend.. you know..

God. so anyway. I go. Am not happy about it. To make matters worse my co-worker friend calls at the last minute to see what I'm up to on Fri. night. We happen to be close to his place, my friends think it would be a GREAT idea to invite him along to Phx... .... ..

we get to Phx, they go along with their plans to just get trashed.. everybody does, including myself.. which I'm not happy about but I felt at the time that I might as well make the best of the situation and try to have fun..... ugh.. was NOT fun, and crap happens that was NOT fun like everybody getting thrown into a pool and feeling like I was in the middle of some weird makeout-fest.. feeling pissed off because I realize I was totally setup.. one of my friends ends up kissing/making-out with my coworker... hahahahaha... ah funny... I didn't even see it but already knew it was going to happen because a) she has no self-control b) he's shady/player as hell
.. and I really wouldn't have a problem if he was making out with other people, because we're not exclusive, it's an open relationship, and that's the way I like it... but when it's MY FRIEND.. and MY FRIEND CLEARLY HAS A BOYFRIEND .. there's a line that shouldn't be crossed.
At the same time, I ask about it later.. she thankfully tells me the truth, and I don't even have a problem with it except for the fact that I don't want anything to do with him anymore, intimately (no avoiding work) .. and her, she's a friend (and from the way she tells the story he more tried to take advantage and she denied it for the most part) and I think it's important to take a good friend's back before you take some sleazy guy's back.. I've seen girls fight at each other too much when it's usu. the guy they should be concerned about..


So needless to say.. I didn't want to be there in the first place.. come-time Sat. I want to go home.. I'm dead-set on NOT staying another night. And at this point my mind is made up. No way in hell is anybody getting in my way and making me stay.

A good friend from HS, Aus*, offers to take me home since he's passing through Phx. on to Flag. I think, "cool, I'll just do that and they can stay here." Plus he needed me to drive one of his cars up from Phx. .. so it worked out win-win for both of us. My friends aren't happy when I break the news that I'm going home, obv. In-fact, they seem pretty pissed.. but I don't care.. I feel like I have good reason to go home and no one is going to convince me otherwise at that point.

As the day goes on, one of my friends - who drove me down originally - now thinks she wants to leave the same night because she thought "the more [I] talk about it, the better it sounds.." ... so I'm thinking, "ok do what you want.. I'll drive Aus's car and you can drive home too if you want.."

We're waiting later that evening for Aus* to come bring the car by... Aus* ends up not needing me to drive the other car down but still offers to take me home.. I tell him not to worry about it because I can just go back with J*, my other friend who has decided to go home that evening afterall.

To make a long long long complicated story short .. because things really went to hell when J* decided that it "wasn't safe" to leave Jo's* keys under a mat or in a bush... which I said was perfectly safe and would reimburse any of Jo's stuff if her house got broken into.. because I was 100% positive nothing would happen between 8 pm and 10:30 pm when Jo* would be back to get into her house... .. we're waiting around Jo's house for at least 30 min. trying to decide what to do with the dam keys.... I'm frustrated.. J* is frustrated at me for even SUGGESTING a bush (apparently it was the most terrible idea EVER) ... I call Aus* to see if he'll come get me afterall and him and I can go drop off Jo's keys PERSONALLY.. even though it would be TOTALLY out of our way... J* FLIPS OUT that I'm even THINKING to do this (???? .. yeah.. I don't know why either).... her and I get in a fight... she's yelling at me... making accusations... then says.. "I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW!!!.." ... and I'm like,
"well.. you are making accusations, and I don't think that's fair.."
..then my friend/co-worker chimes in from the back, "Rach can you just shut up.."
.. and I wasn't too offended by that because I think he was just trying to keep it from escalating..

so I just sucked it up, trying to be the bigger person.. and not willing to die in her driving-rage... I just shut up..

it was a very icy/chilly 2-hr. drive home.

I tried to talk about it later when she dropped me off, ***I**** even apologized for any misunderstanding she may have had, and for any 'snappiness' I may have done.. told her it wasn't my intentions to make her mad and would like to talk about whatever was bothering her... .. she basically just gave me her evil stare and told me she was still pissed off and didn't want to talk about it..

so to that... I say.. just go wallow in your anger and please get back to me when you want... because I sure as hell don't know where *I* went wrong.. she had absolutely NO consideration of my feelings in ANYTHING.. and that's pretty selfish. And she also made some accusations that were totally off the wall and can't be backed up.. which really pisses me off.. but whatever. She's also not on good terms with another good friend of mine/her's.. so I dunno what her deal is... I hope she learns that communication is a good place to start and that she's really pushing some boundaries in how she can treat two friends that are honestly probably two of the best friends she has.

-- -- --

I was thinking, if there's anything to this horoscope bit, there has to be something in it that suggests what happened yesterday.. this was yesterday's:

You're not famous for being led astray by those who make a living out of deception. You're far too sharp to let them get anywhere near that close to you. Still, even you can occasionally be taken in by professionals, or those who use deceit on a daily basis. So before that happens, be sure that you've got your wits about you and that you're not thinking about something else and somewhat distracted. That said, the intended swindler really has their work cut out for them.

- - - - -

So I was pulled into going to Phx, but I did manage to get home by sat. night. . even if it did eventually lead to a major fight that I never intended. sad.