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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I always look forward to my weekends because I work 40+ hrs/week where it's constant *work*. There's not really any time in the week where I'm doing nothing on the job.. which is actually nice since I'm not also taking classes on the side. When I *am* taking classes while working, I definitely find myself a few jobs (at least one that will look good on a resume) where I can be laid back and do homework.

Anyway.. even though my week is generally tiring (but rewarding, as expected), I try to make sure my week*end* is packed with fun/relaxing. This weekend, being a 3-day weekend (Independence Day), I had an extra-long-fun-weekend which included:

- movie (War of The Worlds -- actually not bad)
- social/bar-hopping
- camping/fishing (saw my life flash before my eyes in a minor car accident - came 1 ft. from slamming into a tree)
- crappy concert (haha, I'm sorry, but it really was.. but still something to do :) )
- bonfires out by the lake (different night from the other camping night)
- Sedona/tanning/swimming (beautiful tourist area in AZ)

and managed to get home from Sedona *just* in time for the fireworks... I didn't plan on watching the fireworks this year just because I feel "over it," but I'm still happy I did. At the last minute I said, "quick let's go to the highest spot!" Der* and I both drove our cars to the observatory area and managed to catch a good majority of the fireworks. Unfortunately I was cussed out by a man on the top of this hill because I was trying to park without going OVER the hill, and apparently he couldn't handle the slight noise. He told me to "Either leave or get the fuck out of your car.." .... and yeah, I didn't handle it too well.. I told him, nicely :), haha.. that I was going to continue and do my best at parking because I didn't want to go over the hill.. and if he had such a problem with it, I could kindly put him out of his misery and run him off of the cliff in the process.... .. lol.. ok.. didn't say that.. but I'm not going to lie, I was thinking about it.

Later... after the fireworks.. I went back to my car.. there was a lady standing by it who told me she apparently "bumped" my car and offered to "happily" give me "75 dollars." I was VERY tempted to take it because that same ASSHOLE who earlier cussed me out drove by in his car and shouted something like.. "SEE IF YOU WOULDN'T HAVE MOVED YOUR CAR SO MANY TIMES!!!.." something like that.. I wanted to take the money from this lady to prove to him that I was damn happy that I DID park there, but something in my heart told me it was wrong and that I couldn't take the money... she actually HAD the money right there on her and was handing it to me! She was pointing to an area on the front of my car that was slightly damaged by someone else who had bumped my car and never paid for it (even though they said they would).. so again.. I was tempted to take the money because of the a-hole who never fixed it in the first place.. ... but yeah.. I knew she hadn't caused the damage... I recalled the time I bumped into someone and how shocked/happy I was when they told me "just forget about it," and I recalled my prayer while I was on the hill watching the fireworks... praying for peace in our Country.. guidance for our leaders.. peace in other Countries.. and for more kindness/patience/love instilled into the hearts of the ppl. of our country .. I was just so disgusted by that guy's comment to me..... .. so anyway... I smiled and told her, "you know what.. just forget about it."

And went on my way home.

Honestly, thinking about it later... leaving that easy $75.00 behind, it was kind of a bummer.. but something at that moment told me everything about taking it was wrong.. and just how nice and upfront that lady was about having "bumped" me and offering to pay right on the spot... I'm a firm believer in the "ripple" effect.. or the golden rule... "do unto others as you would want done onto you".. something to that effect... and I know I made the right decision.

Anyway. To me, for whatever reason, 4th of July is such a more significant time of the year than something like New Years. 4th of July, to me, is more like New Years.. for whatever reason.. just remembering our freedom, one of the greatest rights a person can exercise.. being greatful to God.. and praying that others throughout the world may someday have a life appropriate to fit their idea of happiness.. happiness that will inevitably come and go, but I just hope that all people at least have joy(s) in their life that they can feel fulfilled with.

This is all.

Oh, and I watched "Little Black Book" with my good friend Jen* tonight.. I forgot how much I love that movie and the message I originally took away from it.. definitely a good one, and I wish I could find the script because there are several wise lines I like in that movie.