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shower me with spontaneity

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"If anyone loves the spontaneous side of life, it's you, and that goes double for people who aren't afraid to act on impulse. Well, you're due to meet up with quite a few of those types right now, and you won't find a single one of them boring. You may need to mediate a few disputes about who really did ask you to dinner first, but you'll have to excuse the rest of us if we're not all that sympathetic to this plight."

It's true. I love spontaneous/impulsive people. I think it's because I'm *very* spontaneous/impulsive myself (with over-caution in some areas), and it honestly gets pretty lonely/boring feeling like the only one sometimes... but fortunately I am reminded of two great friends, Jen* and Der* .. Der* I've always thought to be the more impulsive type when it comes to being up for mostly anything, but Jen* I wasn't sure about.. she completely shocked me however this weekend when she had just woke, called me, and I told her "put your bathing suit on NOW and meet us at __ in 15 minutes if you want to go to Sedona with us.." ... and she did just that! I love it! I wanted to call her and tell her earlier to come (before she called me), but I thought that she was probably lazin' out and would never get ready in time.

So anyway, point being... spontaneous/impulsive people are great... like Der*, when I say completely sporatically.. "Quick let's go to the highest point and watch the fireworks!".. haha, he usually joins in my excitement and just goes with it... that's something super admirable I find in most of my friends.. and if they don't join in, I usually can't blame them because they're too exhausted from everything-else-done-spontaneously throughout the day.

Just reminded of this thought I had about spontaneity and my friends when I recently read that quote.

For me, it's basically about making the most of my day.. even if it's not something I'm sure I'll enjoy, I usually find something about it that I do like once I go.. or just the experience itself I want.. good or bad. Life's *really* too short for me to just sit back *too* much.. I want to be out! seeing things! doing things.. meeting people.. feeling the changing weather throughout the day.. (and work doesn't count for most of these things)

I usually maintain that perspective unless I'm completely wiped out and my body is telling me I *must* rest. . and usually when I'm feeling that way, I've already pushed myself past my limit.

anyway. yep.