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The Prudal-Honesty

Friday, July 29, 2005

I don't think I've ever been called a "prude," much less in IM!.. but I took it well, no? Perhaps it's true. Don't get me wrong, I don't like being called out on much (like someone telling me "You're a bitch" for no reason..), but I do when I think it's brutal-honest-appropriate. You'd probably have to know me pretty well to get away with it though. Like when my cre* decided that my end-of-the-yr. quote was "where's my phone???" ... amusing because I am *notorious* for constantly losing my cell phones, and it really *was* the brutal truth. Funny because my closest friends pick up on the fact that I constantly lose things, and kind of sweet that my cre* picked up on it too... as not-proud-of-it as I am.

At any rate... the "prude" convo:

A [1:12 AM]: what are you doing?
A [1:12 AM]: you take too long to write back
Lin [1:13 AM]: wasn't really planning to respond to that
A [1:13 AM]: well you asked __
A [1:13 AM]: so I gave you an answer
Lin [1:14 AM]: ok?
A [1:14 AM]: lol
A [1:14 AM]: you are kinda prude
A [1:14 AM]: but you know that
A [1:14 AM]: lol
Lin [1:14 AM]: lol
A [1:14 AM]: thats just part of your persona
Lin [1:15 AM]: guess so..
Lin [1:15 AM]: I'm not *that* prudish.. just somewhat.
A [1:15 AM]: yeah you are
A [1:15 AM]: dont lie
Lin [1:15 AM]: :P