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Saturday, July 02, 2005

The questions below taken from a blog-reader of mine (or former reader?.. not sure). Anyway, he describes the questions, below, as funny because it's something people will eventually need to know if considering someone for a serious relationship, but that it's "just so wrong to present them in this format." I guess, socially, it is... but honestly... how much time would this save me (and other people) if we all did this???

Hahaha... I think it's great, and thought it would be fun to leak the info. I really don't have a problem with answering any of these questions, and I wish people in general were more open about it too.

Of course, there's the "chemistry" factor that gets in the way.. someone can have alllll of the qualities you look for but the chemistry is just lacking for whatever reason (always a bummer when that happens), whereas there are those exceptions when there's chemistry and you just don't know why. So even though I think these questions might help people in general, there's of course more to a connection than people will ever understand.. as the cliche goes: love is a mysterious thing.

Answer This...


1. How many siblings do you have?
2. How do you get along with your parents, siblings, kids, and relatives?
Pretty well. Much better since my sister moved into her own apartment and now less drama for my parents & brother to deal with between my sister and I (only over the summer when I'm back home).
3. Where do your relatives live?
mostly in Phx
4. What is your role in your extended family?


1. How many kids do you have?
2. Do you want more kids?
Not sure.. definitely not at this point. I've always thought "no," but apt to change if married to the right person.
3. What is your attitude toward my kids?
No opinion. I wouldn't date someone with kids.
4. How do/would you discipline your kids?
Give them freedom to make decisions.. encourage them to reach for their dreams.. if they mess-up along the way (inevitable), tell them I'm disappointed and take a one-time firm discipline/privilege away to ensure them I mean business when I say "no". Ensure that they understand the reason behind the discipline. IMO: parents discipline their kids when they love/really care about their children.. and I probably got this perspective from my own parents.

Romance, relationships

1. What type and how much affection do you like?
Type: sensual - cuddling/petting, kisses by the ears ;x, ah and I love when a guy tucks my hair behind my ears for me ;) .. oh, and sometimes playing with my hand (sounds weird and hard to explain what I mean).. Extent: Depends on my mood (haha, typical female answer I think). ... but my mood is *critical* to how receptive I'll be... *shrug* aquarius girls... haha.. we like affection but don't *need it* to share an emotional experience.. and more difficult when it comes to giving/instigating it.
2. What type and how much sex do you like?
Not until I'm married.. and when I'm married, haha, well... let's just say I plan to make up for lost time. ;x Unless I give up on the entire concept of "marriage".. haha.. kidding!... maybe. :P
3. How much attention do you need?
A lot.. but not overbearing. I just want to feel I'm #1 with whoever.
4. Why did your last relationship end?
Distance/difficult communication.
5. What do you like and dislike in a relationship?
Like: commitment, someone to share experiences with
Dislike: lack of independence
6. How do you handle problems in a relationship?
Take some time to myself, talk about it with them asap
7. Do you have a temper?
Sometimes, yes.. when I get impatient.
8. Have you ever hit anyone?
yes (once)
9. Has anyone ever hit you?
yes (once)

1. Do you have any beliefs?
yes (Christian)
2. How much time do you spend on religious beliefs?
mostly independent time.. not really into going to church anymore, mostly out of a lack to find a good one/people that doesn't feel like it/they has ulterior motives..
3. How tolerant are you of differing beliefs?

1. What are your views on local, national, and world issues?
moderate.. hate Bush. Opinion: US is destroying itself while all of the other countries are rising to their strongest position yet (particularly Japan and China)

1. How much do you spend, save, invest?
spend less than I save/invest
2. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?
3. How much credit card debt do you have?
4. How much do you make?
Still a student.. and I make what I can working 40 hrs. a week. We'll see about an income next year.

1. Will you continue to work after marriage?
2. Will you continue to work after having children?
I'd take a couple of years off, circumstances-willing
3. What are your career goals?
Not sure yet. Whatever I go into I'll work my way to the top.. or be in a position where I have a lot of pull in what goes on, but hopefully not the headaches someone at "the top" would have to deal with. Yeah, I know.. I'm graduating and still have no idea what I want to do... so what?
4. How do you split housework and yard work?
1/2 and 1/2 .. or whoever works less hrs. does that much more at home.

Medical history

1. Do you have any existing problems?
2. Are you taking any medications?
no.. well, besides one, but it's not necessary.. I choose to take it.. and am bad about regularly taking it. :/
3. Do any of your relatives need special medical attention?

Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms

1. Do you use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco?
no, alcohol socially, no
2. Have you ever been arrested or jailed?
3. Do you keep firearms in the house?

Hobbies, leisure time

1. Do you participate in clubs, associations, community service?
yes.. city soccer.. usually when an opportunity comes up (that I feel passionate about) I jump in.
2. What are your music, movie, tv preference?
mostly any music (rock/ska/alternative.. I don't really understand particular genres with the type of music I listen to).. any movies, mostly enjoy comedy and drama..
3. What magazines, newspapers do you read?
nothing particular, but enjoy reading the local and larger papers..
4. Do you like to cook?
Not really, but learning to enjoy it more by learning more.
5. Do you follow current events?

Life goals

1. Where do you plan to live?
not sure
2. What are your goals?
be debt free, see more of the world (safari), become a good cook, establish a good career


1. Have you taken an IQ test?
2. What are your IQ scores?
not sure... I was valedictorian, if that says anything.. honestly it probably speaks more about determination than smarts though.. IOW: AP Calc BC, Brain Injury and whatnots were not easy for me, but if I work at it, I can pull high As.
3. How much education do you have?
finishing undergrad. this upcoming year :)
4. What subjects did you find most interesting?
psychology, physiology, speech, business law, social action and justice
5. Are you going to continue or go back to school?
not sure yet, probably.. PA program or go for a masters... really not sure.

so that's the end of the list... I'd probably have my own questions to add on to that, haha, but I'll just end it here.