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I am sleepy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

haha.. can I take a hint?

Who knew that person at the office was so bright? Evidently your boss did -- that's why they were hired. Linger by the water cooler. You never know where this meeting of the minds could lead.

anyway. just found it ironic. a little tipsy right now - not going to lie. It was a coworker (3 of us) night, but ended up that just 2 of mainly talked the entire time. sigh. A friend sent me a good e-mail putting into perspective my dilemma, and my response to him really shows how I feel about it best:

"I think the easiest thing to fall into with co-workers is that *work* is such a large part of life (at least for me these days), that when I do hang out with a-particular-someone from work.. there is *a lot* to talk about that becomes very personal at the same time. A lot of grief, stress, inside jokes -- it's like you start to entrust each other to keep each other's back, and then the line regarding your relationship between each other starts to blur a bit from friendship. And then mix-in the drama this can cause among the relationships with your other co-workers (particularly women), and it just doesn't make for a good situation."

anyway *wince* I'm going to bed. *sigh of frustration* g'night.