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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

haha, ohhhh.. why do my seemingly-rare convos. with my long-term-friend-Matt somehow always end up in one of my journals? .. I think.. deep-down, I am secretly in love with him. Haha. Ohhh.. but I do love him, in a "your my favorite brother"-way. Only difference between him and a brother is that we flirt relentlessly. It's great. But I think we both know, at the same time, we're not each other's type... we both prefer asians. haha! No.. I am sooo kidding.. my type isn't -all- about that, it's just a trend I've noticed.


(background info: he recently moved to Korea and is teaching english there..)

*after long convo. and several minutes gone by*
Lin [8:35 PM]: dude.. way to just stop talking to me.
Mat [8:35 PM]: sorry
Mat [8:35 PM]: I am actually WORKING
Mat [8:35 PM]: unlike YOU
Mat [8:35 PM]: lol
Mat [8:35 PM]: just kidding
Lin [8:35 PM]: lol, I'm just giving you a hard time.... got side tracked
Lin [8:35 PM]: anywhooo... good to hear from ya, as always
Lin [8:35 PM]: best of luck and wishes, as always
Lin [8:36 PM]: I'm gonna take offf.. and rest my eyess.. because they hurt. :)
Mat [8:36 PM]: Alright lady
Lin [8:36 PM]: so on that note.. have a good night/day.. whatever time it is there
Mat [8:36 PM]: Please take care and enjoy Costa Rica
Mat [8:36 PM]: And dont worry ill let you know if the north decides to attack us
Lin [8:36 PM]: we'll see how it goes, should be fun.. and enjoy your asian "friends"
Mat [8:36 PM]: and for the record its 1pm
Lin [8:36 PM]: but not too much
Lin [8:36 PM]: haha.
Mat [8:37 PM]: later
Mat [8:37 PM]: chaquita
Lin [8:37 PM]: awesome.. I knew I kept you around for a good reason... an "IN" to the REAL news
Lin [8:37 PM]: haha... kidding.. I'd keep ya around, JUST BECAUSE.
Mat [8:37 PM]: because I think you're a sexy costa rican
Mat [8:37 PM]: That's the only reason
Lin [8:37 PM]: I think that deserves a :-* (smooch)
Lin [8:37 PM]: haha
Mat [8:37 PM]: Im like a pull string doll
Mat [8:37 PM]: You're like
Mat [8:37 PM]: "I feel bad...."
Lin [8:37 PM]: true..
Lin [8:37 PM]: lol
Mat [8:37 PM]: *pull*
Mat [8:37 PM]: "You're a sexy costa rican!"
Mat [8:37 PM]: "ahh..."
Lin [8:37 PM]: hahaha
Lin [8:37 PM]: that's great...
Lin [8:38 PM]: well... ... .
Lin [8:38 PM]: I have no words, for once
Mat [8:38 PM]: lol
Lin [8:38 PM]: goodnight!
Mat [8:38 PM]: Go home
Mat [8:38 PM]: night
Lin [8:38 PM]: I am home, you go home
Mat [8:38 PM]: I am home. It just has no door and I sleep on the floor
Mat [8:38 PM]: lol jk
Lin [8:38 PM]: lol. ugh. somehow it always brings me back to 1st grade when talking to you..
Lin [8:38 PM]: "no YOU"
Lin [8:39 PM]: but wait, that doesn't deserve an ugh.. 1st grade were some good times
Lin [8:39 PM]: goodniiiiiiight!
Mat [8:39 PM]: night