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Don't Go There.

Monday, July 11, 2005

There are two particular rules I think every girl should adhere to when it comes to dating:

1) Don't date your banker (particularly ones that have a visual access to your account balance).

2) Don't date coworkers

- For whatever reason, banker-guys are notorious for flirting with me. Sometimes I think it could be due to my financial standing (which is unfortunately bound to disappear soon - planned), but then I think back a couple of years, when I really wasn't at the same standing... and it was the same way. It's really odd. In fact, I recently arrived back to my local bank this summer to find a couple of notorious-bank-flirters still around, and they actually remembered who I was. Recently I walked in and one shook his head an jokingly told me I was "going to buy out the bank" (unfortuantely far from the truth). And now there are new flirters around. Anyway. Point-being:
I need to switch banks because they are incredibly unprofessional and I am much more embarrassed than flattered when I come in. It's got to the point where I avoid going in there. They're nice, and under no-other-people-around-circumstances I might not mind their flirtation, but in front of a line of waiting customers and other onlooker-bank-flirters.. no thanks. And for whatever reason, my principle is that banker-guys can simply not be trusted.

- Don't date coworkers. There are obvious reasons why dating your coworker has *no* written all over it. Unfortunately, I am playing with fire.. not exactly dating.. but hanging out 1-on-1. Wait - that should be fair-enough.. can't two coworkers be mature about things and just be friends?
Truthfully, I whine about 'the mess' afterwards, but I always see it coming dangit! There are obvious *no*s out there, and sometimes I just don't agree with intuition. It's really a terrible trait, in my opinion.

As stupid as this is, looking back, I should have seen it coming with my horoscope this past weekend:

If anyone is ready for romance, it's you. And the universe agrees, too -- so much so that you've been chosen to receive one of those wonderful evenings that only come along a few times a year. Think of it as having Ed McMahon, Santa Claus and Donald Trump show up on your doorstep with cash, tickets for two to the event of your choice and a limo -- oh, and the person you'd love to share it all with.
You're not cold and impersonal, and you're probably quite tired of reading that astrological description of your sign. The truth is, you're just picky, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. Once you find someone who measures up to your standards -- that is, someone who's entertaining, independent and intelligent -- you can be quite devoted. Someone who answers just that description may be along shortly. If you're already attached, prepare for a brand new best friend.

Blah. I blame boredom for finally taking a certain-coworker's call to hangout fri. evening, and honestly I don't regret it because it was a great time with non-stop conversation and bumping into his friends (which I enjoy because it gives me a better idea about a person when I meet their friends).. but really.. I think I knew in the back of my mind that it might not be the best thing to do.. and really.. I think we're better remaining friends, who hopefully can just hangout and not have any weird tension. He called again Sunday morning to catch breakfast somewhere and head out to a neat creek-cliff-jumping area that another good friend took me to once -- far away from tourists/mass ppl. -- and I probably would have gone had it not been bad timing, and a soccer game to play later. . . so . . . I pray this summer goes fast to avoid a mistake. Yes, way-for-me-to-keep-a-negative-perspective-on-the-situation.. I can make fun of this because it's just all-too-familiar of a thing for me to do. It drives me crazy that I have to be *so* logical, but really.. it's this logic that keeps me from doing rash things.. like dating a coworker. I've decided I can *hangout*, as long as *I* am absolutely clear in my mind of where I want to keep it.. because I'm not going to lie, if I'm not mistaken..there's chemistry.. but that can be easily deterred by a pretty good ability to delay gratification and still have fun with yet another "friend." And he would make an excellent friend. God I love my friends. haha. ah.
Have I mentioned my sister thinks I'm impossible when it comes to guys? Man, I'm sorry .. but really.. there are rules.. there are facts .. and some things I just can't get over, like rules and facts. . and when I lose my mind (i.e. forget rules and facts) I'm not usually happy about it .. or it always ends up biting me in the ass. such is life I guess.