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2000th Post

Friday, July 29, 2005

No Joke. Pre-t-ty amazing that I've kept up with this for so long. Lately I've been feeling pretty lethargic about posting at all - maybe reflective of the depressive state of my life. Haha. Just playing.. it's not that bad, just some downers I'd rather not be dealing with.

I wanted my 2000th post to somehow be special, but I give up.. all that there is.. is 'life' right now. I'm not going to fake like I'm feeling all introspective right now.. because really, I'm not. I'm probably feeling more lost/confused than anything, 2000 posts later (wow life really does just revolve in one big circle - the stagnant and the moving).

Let's see... the drama of life...

Oh.. a co-worker/friend/person I've been talking about in this journal got fired today. It's terrible of me to say: but good riddance. Honestly I could care less, it makes my life easier, and he got what was coming to him (I had no part in him getting fired).

Good-friend-situation is not very resolved. She finally called today to say she could still take me down to Phx. this weekend if I need a ride. Nice of her, but did she FORGET that she frickin' BLEW UP in my face a week ago and hasn't called since then?? Yeah.. I don't appreciate people who just ignore things like that and pretend like things are all better. When I tried to bring it up she just said, "you know what, I'm over it.." ...... and I think I said, "well I'm not... because I still have no idea what you were angry about.." ... and she said something like, "I just felt like you didn't care.." .. then I said, "well I hope you know that I DID care.." ... silence.. and that was about the end of that. I hope things work themselves out with time. I still feel on edge, but I'm glad we had a BRIEF conversation about it, for what it was worth. blah. And *I* had to bring it up, still NO apology on her end.

I'm feeling a lot of tension about going to Costa Rica, for whatever reason. I'm fighting a lot with my mom OVER THE PHONE lately.. it's really pissing me off because she seemingly can't talk to me like A NORMAL person since she went to San Diego. . . . anyway.

Still need to pack. Leaving very soon and nothing packed. Haha.. but since I've traveled so much.. packing for a 10 day trip feels really really simple.

Soo..... anyway...... I don't know.. pretty tired and my 2000th post pretty much sucks. lol. oh well.

When I get back from Costa Rica:

non so. Tin* wants me to move out to Malibu early and stay with her at her apartment until I can move into mine on the 29th. She gets in on the 10th, but I don't want to go too early so that I can save money and spend a little more time at home.

Speaking of money: made a significant investment today at a great rate. I waited for a frickin HOUR to speak with this guy because I feel like I've been chasing him around town for a week now, and there was NO WAY I was walking out until I spoke with him.. plus I already knew what I wanted. He apologized profusely for the IDIOTIC customer before me (I'm sorry, but there should be a time limit for indecisive/unsure ppl. speaking with investment consultants... GO IN WITH A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE AT LEAST).... fortunately/unfortunately I knew exactly what I wanted, he did a quick search, found a rate a *lot* better than what I was going to originally invest in.. made me sign papers.. papers.. papers... he knew I was in a big rush so it was just basically wham-bam-hope-you're-happy.. and I honestly don't like just rushing in and rushing out with something important like that, but I think it all worked out.. and I *had* to do this before going to Costa Rica. At any rate... kinda scary, but nice to have something in the works now.

My work officially ended yesterday. Closing day was great and I had a lot of fun creating relays for my cre*. All of my reviews were really good from my cre*, fortunately, because my coworker got fired due to bad info in his reviews. I wrote up my debrief report in less than an hour today. Haha.. nice to be prepared ahead of time and already made half of the debrief requirements for my own sake throughout programming events/projects for my cre*.


I'm bored with writing right now. Nothing to say really. Same 'ol.