Sullen v.5



10 Final Songs

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Jimmy Eat World - Believe in What You Want

well please remember
what makes you care
you have it always

New Found Glory - I'd Kill To Fall Asleep

they say that when you sleep
your body's at rest
i wouldn't know what sleep felt like
if i tried my best
if polaroids and memories can fade away
so can i

Yellowcard - Only One

here i go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
you are my only one
i let go
there's just no one that gets me like you do
you are my only, my only one

Yellowcard - One Year, Six Months

i can tell that you don't know me anymore
it's easy to forget, sometimes we just forget
and being on this road is anything but sure
maybe we'll forget, i hope we don't forget

I'm falling into memories of you
and things we used to do
follow me there
a beautiful somewhere
a place that i can share with you

Gwen Stefani - Running

I’m so sorry that I’m falling
help me up lets keep on running
don’t let me fall out of love

be the one I need
be the one I trust most
don’t stop inspiring me

sometimes it's hard to keep on running
we work so much to keep it going
don’t make me want to give up

Avion - Beautiful

long drives up the PCH
sade sitting by the lake
sunsets and the Milkyway
so we can dream
beautiful is not beautiful without you

The Format - At The Wake

you just don't see me anymore
now I've been losing everything
you just don't see me anymore
I'll say goodbye

since you left
she's a mess she regrets all the things that she could have said
we fall asleep
never thinking 'bout anything
we wake to the sound of the phone as it hits the ground

and oh at the wake, at the wake, i will turn to see a face.
just a face, just a face, so surrounded by a name.
what a name, what a name, and you never want to change.
what you gave, what you gave, never want to let go.
so surround me, i need anything and you - you're everything

i want to live
like i did
before all this hit.
to sleep in your arms, to think, we'll never fall apart
you know it's, you know it's such a drag
to live your life for a heart attack

to never get a second chance to say goodbye,
so say goodbye
i'll never get to try.

Yellowcard - Miles Apart

if I could I would do all of this again
travel back in time with you to where this all began
we could hide inside ourselves and leave the world behind
and make believe there's something left to find

now we've all grown up, gone on and moved away
nothing I can do about it, nothing I can say
to bring us back to where we were when life was not this hard (life was not this hard)
looking back it all just seems so far, so far away

Jamie Cullum - It's About Time

why does luck happen by suprise
if you don’t really care
the past is gone the flames are out
from fires that have burned
new ideals and different thoughts
from lessons I have learned

Yellowcard - Back Home

don't know what I was looking for when I went home, I found me alone
and sometimes I need someone to say, "You'll be all right. What's on your mind?"
but the water's shallow here and I am full of fear
and empty handed after two long years

back home I always thought I wanted so much more
now I'm not too sure
cause sometimes I miss knowing someone's there for me and feeling free
free to stand beside the ocean in moonlight

everybody here is living life in fear of falling out of line
tearing lives apart and breaking lots of hearts just to pass the time
and the eyes get red in the back of your head, this place will make you blind
put it all behind me and I'll be just fine

- - -

Noticed there's a lot of Yellowcard here, surprisingly. These 10 random songs might find themselves on that final CD, if I were to make it. Not going to lie.. there are some major things I miss now that I'm home, even if they're not out of reach. And then there are some things that aggravate that nostalgia, even if they shouldn't.