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Training Day

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Actually it's training "week", but "day" sounds better.. you know.. like the movies.

Everything has gone as expected. The first day consisted of "leadership"/ice-breaker games among each other. I surprised myself by becoming a primary leader in almost every event. Later when discussing the events, after we took the "True Colors" test (a simplified version of Myers-Briggs.. which I'm of course a big fan of -- see INTJ -- although I am not such a fan of "True Colors"), and also a test to determine whether we were introverted or extroverted.. my supervisor labeled me as an "introverted leader" to explain how the connotation of "introversion" is not a negative thing but "what we revert to when we need to restore our energies." For some people that means finding friends to unwind and talk, for me it means going to my journal and reflecting on the events of the day and/or other things on my mind. To further give an explanation of how I was an "introverted leader" she stated that while we were doing the events she observed how I lead the group but made decisions more in a quiet manner without always announcing what needed to be done to the group. For instance, I had "jumped right into finding a solution" for one event, but when I realized it wasn't feasible for me to be in the front, I quickly made the call for a guy to take my place and lead the group while assisting behind him.

There's a fine line in a position of leadership that I try to recognize that revolves between earning the respect of others and on the otherhand taking charge in a bossy manner. Of course I hope that people don't resent me when I am in a position of leadership.. and luckily, I happen to work with a group that has a perfect balance between people who are willing to cooperate when someone else is leading, and who also step-in when the moment is right for their own chance to lead.

I guess I'm more of an "introverted leader" because I generally don't offer to be the leader, it just happens that I'm thrown into the position. I had devised a plan for us to get across a main area together on boards without touching the ground for another event, and I ended up being the one to make the calls and keep the momento/order among the group.. when our advisor asked us to switch up our method, everyone in the group asked me to continue leading... it was definitely an eye-opener at that moment.. and they definitely gained *my* respect at that moment for recognizing me as a good person in a position of authority for that particular situation.

Anyway. I'm at the library (because internet access at home is difficult) and my time is about to end. Just wanted to say training has been going well. It's actually kind of funny that I get paid to do this, but I can't say it's easy work either. Every day I come home exhausted, and the *real* work hasn't even begun yet. It's everything I expected it to be, and that's the exciting part. A ton of responsibility, but a great opportunity. Tomorrow we have to go to Page bright and early. Soo.. I'm definitely going to try and get some better rest. Lately I've been hurting for sleep.. but it's the kind of hurting I don't mind because it's from really rewarding things that are keeping me busy. Alright out!