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Spider Strategy

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dude... I think I just belt-out perhaps the most horrific scream I've ever done. Haha. Why so? oh... killing a spider. A CEILING SPIDER. They are the worst. Unforuntaely it's dinner/evening time, all of the windows in my house are open, and I'm sure the entire neighborhood heard me battle it out with the spider.

It started with it being in my room, on the ceiling... I was just going to leave it be until I realize that there was no way in hell I could sleep (on the top bunk) knowing there had been a spider on the ceiling just a few hours prior.

So... devising a plan.. I got the broom.. knowing that I couldn't let it fall to the ground or I would lose it on the carpet (same color)... and knowing that I couldn't smoosh it with a broom, because that never works.. they just fall to the ground after that... sooooo... I coaxed it with the broom.. hoping it would go down a wall, but no... it went ONTO the broom! So I SCREEEEEEEEEEAMED... dropped the broom (thinking "oh great, now I lost it..") .. looking for it on the carpet.. suddenly I see it dangling before my face!! I SCREEEEEEAM... I get it back onto the broom.. it starts RUNNING up the broom stick!!... I SCREEEEEEEAM... I finally drop the broom on the wood floor (outside the room)... see it running... am yelling.. "Oh God oh God!!".. looking for something nice and solid to kill it with.. find a magazine, and BAM... .. my last words to it: "sorry little fella'.." ... haha.. and then I laughed at myself, for being so ridiculous. I can do sooo many things on my own, but when it comes to killing a spider... good grief.

The funniest, however, was two days ago.. THE BIGGEST SPIDER OF MY LIFE was on the wall... and I scream for my little brother to come out in the living room.. he comes out, and I say.. "PLeeeease kill the spider.." and he says, "NO!"... Me: "Why not?" .. Him (with a bashful tone).. "... because I'm scared."
Haha. aww it was so cute... then I killed it (screaming as I go toward it, of course, and then there's the after-the-smoosh-can't-lift-it-iup-scream)... I don't know how I did it... I just did.