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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Suppose I could update..

Tonight I purchased The Oxford Companion To The Mind (unfortunately the 1987 edition, but sections were still an excellent read in the bookstore), and Keane's Hopes and Fears CD. Unfortunately the free wireless internet in the bookstore worked to their disadvantage as I was about to purchase the massive "dictionary"/encyclopedia for $18.00, but then checked any listings on E-bay and found it for $6.00 (including shipping).. and hey.. I can't pass up a deal, even if I do love that bookstore. Anyway. I still purchased the CD at the bookstore for a fair price. Later went and saw "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" which *I* really wanted to see, but Michelle didn't, but then she decided she did?.. haha.. I don't know.. at any rate it was a fun/witty/thrilling movie, although I was getting a little ancy (sp?) where I felt it was dragging sometimes.

Other stuff:

My job is going wonderfully. That's pretty much 'nuff said. The CRE* leaders travel a lot to different sites (mainly just the first 2 weeks I think), and today we kind of took an "off roading" trip to get back into town. It was a great scenic trip, and the "long way" was justified since the road eventually wrapped around to the *entire other side of town* where my site is located... but we were *far* out.. like already half-way to the Grand Canyon. Anyway. We stopped at a Buffalo Ranch on the way back, because it just *happened* that I was researching this place the day before and was thinking of possibly volunteering for them, but I didn't want to drive out there and eliminated the idea.... .... anyway......... so yeah... here I find myself at the Buffalo Ranch afterall, the next day! Turns out two of the leaders knew one of the guys who works there (random), and he just let us go see the buffalos/llamas/donkey/goats for free. These weren't *any* buffalos though.. but *the white buffalo*, which apparently has a 1 in 10 million chance of being born. The legend goes that it would be born to two white people on a farm during a time of "chaos and war". Weird.. maybe they made that story up, I don't know. ANYWAY.. haha... so yeah.. I got the "OK" from my supervisors to rent a van and take my kids out there to do some work/see the place... now I just need to get the OK from the owner of the place, but I've already spoken with her and I'm sure they'll workout something for us.
I also scheduled the kids to go work up at the Observatory for a couple of days.
And also scheduled an enthusiastic speaker from a local university to talk to them about financial aid and how to prepare in high school for college... which is *exactly* something I wanted to arrange before I ever got the job!
And everyone I speak with sounds incredibly enthused with the arrangements.

I'm really excited because I heard last summer the kids in my area were basically stuck working at *one* place the entire time with a lame CRE* leader... but yeah... I hate being in one place for too long, so I'm *definitely* mixing things up so they hopefully have a good time doing some of the tedious work (painting, picking up brush, etc..) that these places need help with. I almost have the entire 4-week schedule booked with work, and I've been working a lot with setting up educational speakers for them as well. My mom thinks I should go into program coordination since I really enjoy this type of stuff... but I'm not so sure about that. I just *love* networking, planning out the event, being repsonsible for a million things.. and seeing everything go through smoothly. It's really rewarding, and the fact that I have the opportunity to give these kids a really awesome experience... well I'm just happy I can be a part of that... I want them to have a supervisor they can look back on in a positive way - not someone who left them hanging dry with nothing to do. I have the capability to arrange some *amazing* things and that's what I'm gonna do damit! haha. That's what frustrated me so much at my old job where I was an intern (neuroscience)... here I was... this person who could do *so much* for them, and the only work they could designate to me was packaging, printing, and copying... ok so there were some big projects, but for the most part it was busy/dull-work... I always wanted to shake my supervisors and be like.. "Dude.. do you know who you have working for you??? Someone who can handle a *lot* of important things... and you're not even going to take advantage of that??" .. I could have just jumped right in and told them that in an indirect way, but you know, everyone was so full of themselves in that office anyway and I didn't want to step on any toes... so yeah... it's no wonder their organization has like a 50% turnover.

wow. so anyway. I really shouldn't get "full of myself" either, but seriously... the truth is I that I am an asset to any place I work.... I know that, and they should have known that too. With my resume?... honestly... anyway. so... a little venting, a lot of boasting.

The people I work with are super cool too, which makes my job that much greater. I've kind of bonded the most with this one crazy/hippy girl... she is *crazy*, but that's also why she rocks my world. Haha.. not necessarily the type of person I can depend on to take care of me like at a party, but someone who would beg for me to come and make me feel very welcome if I did. She's just the type of person who generates laughter and a sense of "exuberance" wherever she goes, and I love people like that. There was a question in "The Question Book" that asked, "What person would be your a)friend b)lover c)dinner guest if it could be anyone in the world?" I said: a) Cameron Diaz b) Duncan Sheik c)Oprah Winfrey. ... to make my point, Cameron Diaz was someone totally random that came to mind... but she *seems* like *that type of person* I'm describing. Someone you can have just downright crazy FUN with who cares about *everyone*, but definitely not the type of person I always want to be around. Anyway. Turns out she's (girl I work with) also good friends with my other co-worker (who I previously mentioned reminds me a lot of Ch* and thus I plan to stay far away from).. on a drive out somewhere she told me "I think he likes you.." .... and so I was honest that I actually got that vibe too but wasn't sure anyone else noticed. Anyway. We're definitely going to keep it at *friends*.. it's great to have her around though for the inside scoop on him, haha.

rambles. I'm out.