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Numero 4.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

So I just looked up my list, and this is what I had..

Aspiration #4

4. To Travel The World

And when I say "travel," I mean more obscure places. Seeing the European area was great, but still too Americanized for my preference. Egypt.. now that was amazing.. although still influenced by their imperialist-age (but what area of this world isn't these days?). Southern Africa.. China... a couple of the places I must get to. I think once you've been bit by the travel bug (i.e. have an experience that helps you realize how *different* things can be out there... things you never might have guessed had you not seen it for yourself), you long to discover those hidden secrets. It's about finding the places that are special to you, not necessarily the popular tourist destinations.

All that talk about being debt-free? Hehe... and wanting to *live* immediately after accruing an asset such as a diploma?... well... for me, at least right now.. the plan is to experience the wonders of this world.. now the only thing to consider is how to make that asset (diploma) work toward this primary interest (traveling). Still working on that one..