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Not All Gushy-Mushy

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Today was one of my most exhausting days since summer has started.

6 teens.. Christ... it's amazing how old they seem for their age. They talk of things I'm not really sure I knew about when *I* was 14-15. Maybe I did, but I don't recall being so vocal about it. Blah. And our first project consisted of clearing an entire FIELD of weeds. Literally.. back-to-back.. weeds. I felt sorry for them, but I told them that I was starting us off with the tough projects to "weed out the slackers" (no pun intended, and I didn't really say slackers.. but that was the jist of whatever I said). And man, boys.. 14-15.. they have got their minds in the gutters.. lol, but it's kind of funny... they said, "Now we can go home and say.. Yeah we worked with hoes today... they were cheap hoes, but they got the job done."

It was really funny and I had to try really hard to not laugh. And the ADD-kid NEVER STOPS TALKING.. which is ok.. but sometimessss.. man! Today there was a spider that freaked us all out, crawled into his backpack, and he was trying to get it out.. got it on the edge and was holding it out like he was going to flick it on someone/me... I said VERY SERIOUSLY: "IF YOU FLICK THAT I WILL FIRE YOU."

lol. Ah the benefits of being a supervisor. So luckily, he didn't flick it, and I didn't have to fire anyone.

I sound like a slave-driver, and I kind of felt that way (although they were whining even after I gave them a 2 hr. break with guest speaker talks!!).... luckily we're only doing this project for a day and a half.

Anyway. My arms are in pain, my hands ache, and I can only imagine how they must feel tonight. They will sleep well, as will I. :P