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In OTHER (better) News..

Friday, June 10, 2005

My job is going great. I love the people I work with, and so-far it's everything I would want in a job. Flexibility with hours.. coming and going, being able to work from home once in a while. No one directly looking over my shoulder or telling me what to do, but at the same time having a huge amount of responsibility and accountability. Luncheons where we receive a menu and put in for our order to arrive the next day (I ordered Fettucini Alfredo with Shrimp to be delivered for our lunch today). Lots of snacks, goodies, activities.. things to keep our attention and energy up. Job security (guaranteed job next summer, with higher pay, as long as I don't screw things up this time around). I feel like a lot of stuff I've done in the past (sales, working with an education department and assisting with curriculum..various things) are all coming together in this job to be useful. Sales was helpful for phone skills and learning how to make definite plans with people... how to 'close a deal' which is useful for organizing job activities for students. I will be interviewing kids next week and selecting the CRE* I want to work for me, while also going to other CRE* Leaders' opening days and watching how it goes. Tonight I'm going to a Parent Meeting which is the first step after selecting your CRE* (for another CRE* Leader who has been working in the program for 3 years and has already selected her CRE* and planned her 4-week agenda). Next week I'm going to be incredibly busy, but I'm looking forward to making this the best experience for these youth. Really I just plan to do a TON of research on educational games/speakers/activities.. and planning out the calendar for projects to work on.. wow... just so much to do. We're each given NICE digital cameras... work cell phones... our own budget to work with to buy stuff when we want.. just tons of great stuff. All of us (CRE* Leaders) recognize what an amazing opportunity this is as far as resume work goes, and we're all very dedicated to making this a GREAT program for the youth ... I love it.. seriously.. we have large meetings with the entire department staff where we get out the things we've been planning and report in front of everyone what's coming along, where we're at.. who we're in contact with.. what we're planning... I love being treated in such a professional manner.. it feels like all of the older staff there don't look down on us at-all as CRE* Leaders and treat us as very professional young-adult individuals. Afterall, we each have the title as "Supervisor"... literally that's our job for our selected youth group, and I'm finding a lot of responsibilities go with that.

so yeah.. that's just a huge run-down of everything... we got off at 2:30 and are going to car-pool to a parent meeting at 5... later Cola will arrive from Tuscon we we'll see where the night goes from there! sooo.. I'm out.