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The Good Outweighs the Bad

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ok, despite a good part of my job being a downer (i.e. labor, landscaping, painting) - all things I don't *mind*, and am *glad* to be doing because it's a great way to force me to get in shape, be outdoors in the sun.... but still not stuff that I'm just thrilled about doing for long hours... BESIDES that..

the rest of my job, I love.

1) Interviewing kids is hilarious, fun, cute, exciting, scary.. totally new to me.
For once I am the interviewer, I'm calling the shots (deciding on questions), their job is to impress me... haha.. so why do *I* feel nervous when I interview them? I hide my nervousness, but I still am.. I'm not going to lie. :P I still have a great time with it though.

2)I get to work at home. If I want to phone interview kids from my home instead of the office - no problem. Any work that *could* be done in the office but I'd rather do at home, usually not a problem. I love that. love love love. Funny thing is I tend to do *more* time at home than I would in the office, and then I get comptime (additional hrs. to take off from normal work hours). :)

3) I get to travel around the city.. and of course paid travel. I love being able to see what's going on in the city during the day, and going to several different meetings across town.. it's great.

4) I often get free food. And often get to decide what that food is.

5) Responsible for organizing the entire 4 weeks of work.. which means if there's work *I* don't like, well it's my own problem for agreeing to do that work in the first place. :P And such is why we will be moving around to different places *a lot*, because I (and maybe the kids too?) will get too easily burnt out being in one place too long.

6) Responsible for organizing fun activities/guest speakers. Which is now all setup.. at least 5-7 different speakers... all that I am interested in hearing.. and all scheduled during noon: the hottest time of the day. Legitimate BREAKS. haha.

7) Fun working with other people my age (CRE* leaders), and working with teens won't be so bad.. especially because this is a *great* chance for them to have an awesome experience, and I'm allll about giving them the best experience EVER. haha.

several other good things I'm sure..

Oh I'm excited! I will be choosing who I select TOMORROWWW. I received 23 applications for 6 positions.... heh.. a lot of kids/parents have been calling me wanting to know what's going on, but no-can-tell-officially until Fri. (my goal to have everyone interviewed).

23 applications... 12-13 selected for phone interviews... 6 selected for the position.

I already have pretty-much 4 *definites* in mind... 3-4 more to interview.. and 2 more spots to give out!

Hehe... yay tomorrow I will hopefully decide who is in my CRE*. :)

And Monday I will officially meet everyone in my CRE* at the Parent's Meeting.